Palma: The ultimate girls holiday destination

Written by Anoop Bhuller

Palma is the capital of the Spanish Island Mallorca. It’s renowned for its vast beaches and sunshine. There’s everything from coastal beaches and mountain ranges to  the culture infested city landmarks. There is truly something for everyone.

Palma is the perfect destination for a girls holiday. You can have relaxing days on the beach in a quiet coastal town and then venture to the nightlife in the evening. It provides the perfect balance of relaxation and partying required for the ultimate girls holiday.

Palma City Centre

Palma is also great for shopping, with stores like H&M, Sephora and Pull&Bear. All of which are affordable and popular with young girls. Making Palma the perfect place for a girls shopping day. There are also designer shops located in the city centre. For instance, Louis Vitton and Hugo Boss, giving a nice balance.

It is also a must to visit La Seu Cathedral. The cathedral was built in 1229 but not completed until 1601 and is enriched with local history. If you wish to go inside there is a small entrance fee. You will be given more information about its history and construction. From outside you can  capture its breathtaking view of Palma. While onlooking the view of a stunning water fountain located in front of the Cathedral.


Another benefit of Palma is its proximity to Magaluf. It is only around a twenty-five minute drive from Palma, making it easy for you to get to all the  clubs. There are also lots of restaurants and bars with live music in Magaluf that prove popular with young crowds. Of course, Magaluf has a reputation for having a wild party atmosphere for nights out. As well as providing people with the ultimate clubbing experiences. Giving you and your friends the chance to have some incredible nights out together and make long-lasting memories.

Not only does Palma tick off everything on the checklist for a girls holiday but it is also an affordable destination. With a lot of research and careful planning you can secure yourself a holiday within a typical student budget. Making Palma the perfect destination for a girls holiday.