Must-have construction site hire facilities

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Running an efficient construction site demands the right construction facilities. When you’re looking for facilities suitable for construction site hire, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need.

Your facilities checklist

As a part of the planning process for establishing your construction site, there are several basic facilities that you will always need to include. Depending on the nature of your construction site and other factors like the time of year, you may also need to consider additional facilities.

Toilet facilities

For obvious reasons, toilets are essential, and there are many options depending on your needs. From simple urinal blocks to larger toilet cabins with sinks and hot running water, consider your employees’ comfort. Also consider the number of employees working on the site at any given moment, to ensure that you have enough toilets to satisfy their needs.

Welfare facilities

Welfare facilities are larger units that can offer a range of configurations. Common features include toilets, kitchens, sinks, microwaves, desks, etc. The general two functions of welfare facilities in construction sites are for portable offices or somewhere for employees to have their breaks. They offer a warm, sheltered place to work or take a break and prepare meals.

Shower facilities

Shower facilities are always useful in busy construction sites, as it can always be messy work. In the summer months, cloying dust and debris can be an issue, and a shower unit can help overheating workers cool down. Similarly, in the cold winter months, it can offer them a place to get warm and clean up before making their way home when they have been working in mud and grime all day.

Storage facilities

You’ll need storage at your construction site – somewhere to keep things you’re not currently using on-site for when they’re needed, for example, or to keep machinery and equipment safe overnight. Consider what you might need to store when choosing the right sized storage facilities for you. Remember that if you need more storage, you can always have extra units delivered.


Temporary fencing will allow you to keep your construction site safe and prevent any trespassers. There are a number of different size and styles of fences available, depending on how secure you want them to be. The benefit of hiring temporary fencing is that once the job is finished, you don’t have to think about storing the fencing, you just send it back to the hire provider.


Bowsers are designed to handle fluids, such as water and fuel. They provide safe storage onsite, meaning, for example, that you can efficiently and conveniently refuel any construction equipment that you happen to be using. There are a number of different capacities available, depending on how much fuel you think you will need to store. Bowsers are tamper-proof and highly secure.


Generators are a highly important consideration for any construction site. They provide an invaluable backup power reserve in the event of a power cut, for example. Or, if the site is located away from the power grid, you have a convenient way of powering your tools, equipment, and the other facilities you rent. Most generators will be diesel-powered, for maximum convenience.

Make your choices

Now you know the kind of facilities most construction sites require to operate. Think of the size of your construction site, how long your project is going to last, and the quality of life of any employees working at the site. Investing in good quality facilities is a great way to ensure employee satisfaction, and that the job gets finished to a high standard.