new music from Marmozets, Funeral For a Friend, Rancid and more..,

So we’re a little late with the music roundup for the week ending 05/10, but doesn’t it look so much better on our new site? Enough with the waiting, let’s get started! 

The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets

I mentioned a sneak peak at this last week, but on Monday the official release launched. The debut album from British rockers Marmozets has been something I’ve been waiting on for a long time. Becca Macintyre is undoubtedly one of my favourite female vocalists, and this band are at the forefront of the rock scene, gradually inching their way into greater success. They deserve the recognition they’ve been receiving for The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets and you should definitely all give them a listen.  Top Tracks: Born Young and Free, Move Shake Hide, Vibetech  


Now as much as I love the album, it’s a little disappointing that we already knew so many of the tracks. I was gagging for some new ‘Zets material, and I’m still wanting more. But that might not be a bad thing; I don’t think I’ll ever have enough this band. They just keep getting bigger and better, more weird and wonderful. 

Funeral For a Friend: You’ve Got A Bad Case Of The Religions 

It’s been a while since Funeral For a Friend appeared on my music radar, but these post-hardcore veterans have come back screaming with a new single and album announcement. Their seventh studio album, Chapter and Verse, is due for release on January 19th from Distiller Records. They’ve also got an eight stop tour around the UK to coincide with the release. The first track from the album, ‘You’ve Got A Bad Case Of The Religions’, showcases a raw sound and the continuation of a more hardcore and punk influenced style which we’ve seen the past few years. 

Rancid: Honor Is All We Know 

Punk legends Rancid are back with their first album in six years, to be released later this month on Epitaph. To remind you what we’ve been missing, they’ve shared some in-studio footage of the band playing three songs from Honor Is All We Know. We kick off with some in-your-face punk with ‘Collision Course’ before the title track jumps straight in with a sing-along hit. My favourite track is the final of the three, ‘Evil’s My Friend’, which has a great ska feel to get your toes tapping. This is sure to be an album that will get you moving! 


You + Me: Capsized 

You+Me is the new project from Dallas Green (City and Colour) and Alecia Moore (Pink). Their latest single, ‘Capsized’, comes from the upcoming album rose ave. to be released on October 14th. Instrumentally and vocally You+Me is outstanding, I could listen to those beautiful melodies all day. It’s stripped-back acoustic folk-pop with a mellow sound. While the music certainly sounds reminiscent of many of Dallas’ solo releases, this is a chance to hear Alecia at her best and the two come together in perfect harmony.  

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