Mobility technology and the future

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that it can be difficult to keep up and it seems that there are groundbreaking inventions and adaptations being made on a daily basis. Mobility technology, in particular, has come on leaps and bounds as this is fantastic news for those with a disability as it can revolutionise their lives in many different ways.

The Auto Industry 

Mobility technology is anything which can assist somebody with a mobility problem. The most common form in today’s day and age is in the auto industry as there are all kinds of amazing adaptations that can be made to make it safe, easy and comfortable for those with a wide range of disabilities to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. A few examples include hand controls for the pedals, a joystick to control the steering and wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), which can be purchased from specialists like Allied Mobility.

The Future

The future looks very bright for mobility technology and particularly in the auto industry where we are beginning to see various autonomous driving features being introduced. This is important, because it could open up motoring to many more people and revolutionise the way in which those with a disability lead their daily lives.


It is not just in the auto industry that amazing inventions and adaptions are changing the lives of those with disabilities. This is evident at fantastic events like Naidex at NEC in Birmingham. This important show sees traders, consumers and health professionals come together to see all kinds of brilliant mobility devices along with unique opportunities, services and education for those with a disability. It is at the forefront of innovation in a time where technology is evolving at a rapid rate.

These events are important because they can provide a glimpse into what the future holds for mobility, but it can also unite and inspire those that operate in this market whether it is an inventor, somebody working in the independent living industry, somebody caring for an individual with a disability or an individual with a disability.

Mobility technology is developing at an astonishing rate and this is revolutionising the lives of those with mobility issues all around the world. The auto industry is one area where this is particularly noticeable and this will only continue with the move towards autonomous driving, but there are also many other areas and excellent shows like Naidex are a celebration of this development and provide a glimpse into the future.