Drones – is there a limit to their innovation and economic potential?

Written by C Wolsey

Drones have been around for some time now, but it’s only over the past decade that they’ve really started to take off in the public eye. Now, with countries that include the UK planning drone ‘superhighways’, as per one World Economic Forum analysis, experts are pondering just what the limit is to the potential of these airborne devices. As innovation and research is showing, that limit may actually be way beyond the estimations of engineers, analysts and economists.

Countering the threat

A quiet but effective way in which drones have been innovated is through data collection and gathering. High quality drone surveys are now able to take in data beyond just imaging, using exorder to really embrace the technological innovation provided by drones, there has to be robust defense mechanisms to counter both malicious actors using drones and people operating anti-drone systems. According to VOA News, this is a big area of innovation across the world, and increasingly sophisticated engineering tools are being created to help maintain the security and assurance of drones.

Promoting advertising

If the skies are clear, then one of the most pressing applications of drone technology is through ‘swarms’ and, then, through the result of that – light shows. Drones have already been put to great use in fireworks shows and the ilk but, with startups now using drones to create phenomenal night-sky advertisements, there’s real potential there. With further advancements in drone technology, specifically in stabilization and weight capacity, this area of innovation could even see important warnings and messages used during emergencies.

The military frontier

Drones are perhaps notorious for their use in warfare. They have allowed governments to conduct high-value strikes on targets with operators a thousand miles away. No longer the preserve of superpowers, according to the BBC, they are in use by many countries – and innovation is coming. Key in this field of innovation are drone swarms – not just lots of drones being operated together, but groups that can operate independently of human control to conduct multi-directional attacks. While the technology to truly operate in this manner is some way off, the innovation and desire is there.

In all forms of industry, drones are making a big difference. Through further research and innovation, agencies and engineers can start to use these ingenious flying platforms for progress.