Noozie Comfort Pebble review

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Written by Chloe Smith

The Noozie Pebble is perfect for those chilly winter months. Not only is it small and discreet enough so that you can easily carry the hand warmer with you, but it’s also incredibly toasty and will definitely warm up your hands in no time, and keep them nice and warm too.

For example, I tried out my Noozie Pebble on a particularly chilly winter’s day, and it was great. It kept my hand(s) nice and warm, and lasted a decent while, in terms of longevity on one quick charge, too. (Although it didn’t last the full 4 hours in terms of charge like the Noozie site says, but that’s probably only because I didn’t charge it for long enough, is all). All I had to do was flick a switch, and it started heating up, just like that! My only gripe is that I could do with two, so both hands are kept warm at the same time! They’re honestly that good. I’ll definitely have to think about investing in another.

Electric hand warmer

The real positive about the Noozie Pebble is that it’s an electric hand warmer, and so all you have to do is charge it up via a USB plug and cable each time, and hey presto! You’re ready to go, again and again. The Pebble also has two heat settings, so you can set it to your preference and you don’t have to worry about it being too hot. Noozie also supplies a small velvet pouch that you can use to store your Noozie Pebble, both when you’re not using it, and when you are – just in case you’re a little too sensitive to heat as well. I found the velvet pouch a great touch – it’s incredibly soft and while I’m not that sensitive to heat, I can definitely see its benefits for someone who is because it’s quite effective at reducing some of the Pebble’s heat.


And in terms of touch, the Pebble itself is really nice and smooth. It’s actually really nice and easy to grip and hold, just because of it’s quite soft, and very smooth texture, almost like an actual smooth pebble, only bigger and better – which is great, because I’ve had experience with hand warmers before that were quite the opposite. While I received a lovely soft pink colour, that wasn’t too hard on the eyes, and very pretty – they also come in a variety of similar eye-catching colours.

Battery charger

The only aspect of the Pebble that I didn’t get the chance to check out is the fact that it also doubles as a power bank! How cool is that? But don’t worry, it’ll either work as a power bank *or* a hand warmer, so you don’t have to worry about it heating up while you’re charging your phone during a lecture or during your journey home.

But for me, the Pebble was a perfect way to keep my hands from feeling the cold on an absolutely freezing day. It definitely worked as an alternative to gloves (that I always seem to forget!) and really did the job. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone that struggles with the cold – especially in the winter and wants to invest in something that’d definitely be a long-lasting benefit against the chill. It’d definitely make a great Christmas gift! But it’s also something that I can see benefitting me far beyond the winter months because I always seem to struggle with my hands being pretty cold a lot of time.

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