The power of AI: How artificial intelligence is helping to create great leaders

artificial intelligence
Written by Nigel Simpkins

The purpose of artificial intelligence is to improve, augment and possibly replace human intelligence, which is regarded by many humans as a key advantage that they hold over AI. Whilst AI has the capabilities to replace hard skills, such as processing data and information, it is unlikely it will be able to replace soft skills that many leaders possess. The personality characteristics, emotions, attitudes and behaviours of individuals are essential in supporting other team members as they work together to achieve the firm’s goals.

With many believing that the nature of leadership will change as AI makes more decisions, it is important to recognise how AI is already helping to create great leaders across various sectors. These are just some of the ways AI have been able to boost leadership so far.

Creates Time To Be Present

Business leaders in any business will stress the importance of time, highlighting how their working hours are incredibly limited. Since their work requires them to have an understanding of the progress of the business overall, certain areas can often be neglected more than others. AI can help with freeing up time by taking on the mundane jobs that are often the most time-consuming.

Although learning more about AI will take time away from focusing on other tasks, in the long term it will free up more time. As such, taking the time to invest in yourself by taking an artificial intelligence short course, could prove to be beneficial for both you and your business. Undergoing an artificial intelligence course will provide you with the tools and expertise that can be useful in finding ways to improve the overall productivity and success of your business.

Shifting Attention On Employee Engagement

It can be daunting for employees to think about how AI has the capabilities to perform their job at a faster rate, with minimal errors. Although the firm will benefit from the automation that AI can provide to the business, the anxiety and worries that employees are feeling about the safety of their job can harm employee engagement overall.

As leaders use their free time to highlight how AI will be beneficial to the company, pointing out how it will create time for employees to focus on other tasks that are more engaging. Additionally, employees will be grateful for the transparency the firm is providing. This open line of communication, one that clearly shows the intentions of the business going forward will leave employees feeling trusted and part of the firm’s growth.

Looking Ahead

Although AI and technology are rapidly advancing, the changes and what is possible will not occur all at once. Any business leader who has taken the time to understand what is capable and what their workforce could look like in the future, thanks to taking an artificial intelligence course, will be able to prepare themselves for the arrival of AI. Ultimately, they should take this as an opportunity to excel in their business, looking for ways AI can improve their business performance to help them reach their future goals.