Make way for Virtual Hollyoaks

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Written by Georgiethejourno

It was only a matter of time before ventured further in to their social enterprise, and here it is, the ‘Hollyoaks the game app.’ 

Available for free to download and features your favourite characters such as Nana McQueen and Ste Hay. I have written on many an occasion about the rise of Hollyoaks and their ability to reach out to their audience in a way that other soaps lack, and this is yet another link on that media chain.


Regular, intriguing trailers, snap chat snippets and regular twitter interaction has been prominent for Hollyoaks, backed up by a string of stunts and storylines. Their year started with a wrecking ball and ended with a train crash, with the gaps in between offering a wealth of hard hitting storylines that have hit home with a gripped audience. 

Now we have the app. We may laugh, we may mock, but we will download it. I have. It isn’t something overly special but more of an Hollyoaks version of exising platforms. Joining jewels together to unlock characters and locations, receiving messages from the likes of Theresa McQueen and Ziggy Roscoe, it isn’t anything original.

But in the world of soaps, it is. For fans of the show however it is another connection that can have with the show. It is a bit of fun, you can share your scores with your friends and even have your face placed in a photo for a selfie with one of the stars. 

The virtual world of Hollyoaks will keep you entertained with 100 different levels to unlock and various tasks to complete. You even get to explore the homes of your favourite families. 

Bravo to Hollyoaks. You have done it again. Social enterprise and a soap well on their way to domination. 

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