Lana Del Rey’s mysterious Ultraviolence revealed

Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence is like poison ivy.

Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence is like poison ivy. To look at it is pretty but once you have touched it you come out in a rash and have a rather nasty effect from it. 
The music in all her tracks sounds beautiful but her lyrics are ugly, this ethereal musical goddess has a harsh tongue about her. She is definitely not afraid to tell it like it is which is good. 
I like that edginess she has about her, especially in “Fucked My Way up To the Top.” It sounds as though her record label Polydor Group have let her take the lead on this as she is having a go at other artists who appear to be mocking her (cough cough Miss Ga Ga perhaps?)
Sounds as though Lana Del Rey is not afraid of the consequences she may face with that track. 
Ultraviolence is so totally opposite to her Born To Die album, in Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey reveals who she really is.
I feel that with Del Rey she is in her own world when it comes to music. There is no genre Del Rey can fit into, she creates her own genre. Very much Alice In Wonderland vibe, lost in her own world she has no idea what is going on but she soon takes it by storm and makes it her own by grabbing a sword, killing a jabberwocky and celebrating with the mad hatter.
Yep she is certainly the Alice in the music world. 
Poor Del Rey can sometimes be lost in translation as I feel if you are not a fan her music already then you may or may not be open to her new music style, whatever that may be. Though that may be proved wrong, as currently on the BBC Radio 1 music charts her track single from the album “West Coast” has gone up three places to 36.  
What is Lana Del Rey going to do next next?
My favourite track from Ultraviolence is “The Other Woman” as she sings, “And as the years go by, the other woman will always spend her life alone.”
This is a cover song, originally sung by Nina Simone in the 1950’s, and it is certainly a tear jerker. It has a nice melodic tune to it and though it may have Lana’s crackly voice it somehow adds that vintage mood to it.
Ultraviolence is very dark and dreary. It’s not a song to listen to if you are in a bad mood but if you if you are lounging around and drinking a glass of wine I would definitely listen to this album.
Though it is an upsetting album, it does put you in a relaxed and mellow mood. In particularly “Brooklyn Baby” as it is constructed up of elements of folk and acoustic arrangements, yet still including those dark and eerie elements. “West Coast” is very laid back and relaxed but still has that sinister, ‘What is Lana Del Rey going to do next?’ vibe. 
Her album is very mysterious as you never know from one track to the next what will be played next.
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