Beartooth release their first album Disgusting

Beartooth have been kicking up a storm for hardcore fans since the Sick EP in 2013, and through some outstanding live performances

Beartooth have been kicking up a storm for hardcore fans since the Sick EP in 2013, and through some outstanding live performances. At the beginning of 2014 Beartooth announced work on content for a full album and have been letting loose with promo and teasers in a bid to build anticipation.
Luckily, Disgusting does not disappoint from such high hopes.
Beartooth is born of previous Attack Attack! vocalist Caleb Shomo, who is responsible for the writing, singing, producing and playing of all instruments for Disgusting. It’s hard to believe that Shomo is only 21, but he’s been touring with bands since he was just 15 and delves into deep emotional content for his music. 
I’ve been keeping an eye on Beartooth since seeing them support August Burns Red last November in Los Angeles. I was struck by Shomo’s raw forceful vocals, and the passionate, gritty sounds of the band.
Angst-ridden tracks packed full of energy 
Debut album Disgusting takes this incredible passion and crushed it into 12 angst-ridden tracks packed full of energy. It’s difficult to pick the album apart as it flows so seamlessly between tracks, keeping up a heart throbbing pace throughout, torn open with pounding breakdowns and metal riffage. 
While some of the tracks take a softer melodic tone, what could be considered pop-like elements, give a taste of catchy hooks to sing along to, making these addictive songs stick in your head.  
Instrumentally this is a tight release remaining strong throughout, but the bass and drums fail to strike through on their own. The focus is clearly on guitars and vocals, playing to the strengths, this isn’t necessarily a flaw.
Shomo’s vocals are something special in this genre, standing out with personality and variety, from the clean sing-alongs and melodic hooks to deep and growling screams.
Highlighting these darker tones is “Dead,” the only track void of clean vocals. This is simple and straightforward hardcore, with the breakdowns and progressions you expect and love.
Twisted release of emotional lyrics and creativity 
While on the surface this could be just another metalcore release, if you delve deeper Disgusting is like digging into the life and mind of Shomo, and pulling it out in a twisted release of emotional lyrics and creativity. 
Shomo puts his all into his music, a difficult feat that has certainly paid off. Beartooth is not only a cathartic release in its making, there’s a sense of emotional empathy for the listener. 
Each of the tracks depicts its own message and meaning, taking you on a rollercoaster journey. From encouraging victims of child abuse in “Beaten in Lips” to the anti-suicide cries of “Body Bad,” which maintains a delicate balance of heaviness and softer melodies. 
In chilling honesty, Shomo speaks out about his own battles with alcoholism in tracks “Relapsing” and “I Have A Problem.” Coming to a close, the album echoes out with the sincere and heartfelt “Sick and Disgusting.”
With so much emotional energy drawn out into the release, it’s no wonder that Shomo’s screams have angst and authenticity, taking to new levels in Disgusting.
Beartooth released Disgusting June 10 through Red Bull Records.
Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below!