Integrated Systems Europe 2017 Roundup

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

The annual Integrated System Europe (ISE) recently took place at the RAI Amsterdam from 7th to the 10th of February. 

ISE is the largest AV (Audio Visual) systems integration show in the world, which welcomed  1,191 exhibitors to speak and reveal countless new products to 73,413 registered attendees. Increasing 11.7% on the 2016 attendance figures.

Along with being a large exhibition it also provides extensive professional development programmes, as well as theatre sessions that are extremely important to adding value for all participants. Adding pre-show and tech tours further improves the overall experience for everyone involved.

Viju recently attended ISE and outlines a few main points that occurred during the event.


While attending the event Viju were voted for and won 2 prestigious awards based around their stellar service in the AV industry. 

A huge win is taking home the Microsoft Surface Hub Outstanding Achievement award. This is particularly an important award especially since Viju is a Microsoft Partner, outlining their excellent work when it comes to the Surface Hub and expertise.

Taking away one award is a big result but two is the cherry on top. Winning the Crestron Integration Awards Winner 2017 for Best GUI shows Vijus leadership and their drive to stay at the top of the industry in innovation.

The Show

Along with a boatload of awards being handed out to several businesses attending, the main events are the shows that are put on for attendees. 

These include such shows as The Drona Arena, a hall dedicated to welcoming leading manufacturers and latest product innovations in the drone industry. An industry closely linked to the AV industry due to its requirement of a clear and stable audio/visual application to support it. 

Drones integrate video conferencing software to provide 360 degree HD aerial perspective of any situation and can be streamed in real-time to any mobile device or computer. 

Many people don’t realise the large impact audio and visual conferencing has in the world of sport, that’s why a main show at the event is the Sports Venue Technology Summit which examines technologies and processes you’d find in a modern stadium of today. 


A huge draw of the event is the exhibition hall that takes up a large amount of space at the event. Here, world leading AV industry equipment vendors and service supplies showcased the latest technology in the industry from educational sectors to unified communications.

A large section of the exhibit would be dedicated to video conferencing and video conferencing software. 

The hugely popular device shown at the event would be the Microsoft Surface Hub. Showing off the upcoming updates and products that support the device proved hugely popular. 

Also shown off at the exhibit would be the recently announced competitor to Microsoft and Google is the Cisco Spark Board. Not many people have had a chance to test out the new video conferencing device but was at the event for participants to test out.

The large range of products and devices on display allowed attendees to see the hugely growing AV industry and the future possibilities that it provides. Across multiple industries and businesses new products are being made to help boost the workplace. Whether it be through enhanced usability or picture perfect quality video. 

With ISE 2017 over with all the industry can do now is look forward to and prepare for the event in February 2018.