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How to survive going on holiday with your other half

Last year, my boyfriend and I of eighteen months decided to go on holiday together. We travelled to Venice, Italy, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, a definite bucket list destination! I admit, I was a little nervous of what to expect, as you always hear about those couples who holiday together and argue the entire time. Luckily, this didn’t happen to us and we had a lovely time. Therefore I have some tips on how you and your other half can also have a lovely time without the stress!

Know what you both want out of the holiday 

This is really important. Perhaps your partner wants to spend the holiday trekking around, visiting lots of landmarks, and visiting lots of museums. Meanwhile, all you want to do it lie on a sunbed on the beach, cocktail in hand with a good book. To avoid having the holiday from hell, find out what you both want and then compromise. If you’re away for a week, spend half the time doing stuff that you want and half the time doing the stuff that your partner wants.


Furthermore, plan what it is that you want to do exactly. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a new place and then feeling lost on where to go, and what to do first. Make sure you’re not one of those couples arguing about something as silly as finding a place to eat. If you plan in advance, then you won’t have this problem.

Make time for yourself 

Spending 24/7 with another person is too much for anyone. To avoid feeling on top of each other, make some time in the day for yourself whether that’s by going for a walk, going out to read on the balcony in peace, or even going for a nap. 

Know where you’re at financially

In my case, I’m a student and my boyfriend has a full time job. Therefore, it was important to me that I discussed that I might not be able to take as much money as him. We decided that we’d both take the same amount of money to make things fair, and to stop either of us feeling resentful that one of us could do something whilst the other couldn’t afford it. 

I hope that you take these tips on board and that they help you have the best holiday possible. After all, a holiday is a great chance to grow closer as a couple, to explore a new place and to relax from the stresses of everyday life. Happy holidaying!