How to snatch your first writing job abroad 

Written by Nigel Simpkins

I still remember landing my first writing job. Working as a junior content writer for an online casino, my first assignment was to write a review on best casino bonuses.  It felt wonderful seeing my first article published online. Finally, I had a writing job and I am guessing since you’re here that’s exactly what you are after!   With a few handy tips you will be well on your way to becoming a top digital nomad and  landing your first writing job abroad. 

Create a blog 

Nowadays, there are blogs for every niche you can think of. Travel blogs, student blogs, fashion blogs you name it. Creating a blog, will not only sharpen your writing and research skills but can also act as a portfolio showcasing your work.  If you have picked a niche you are truly passionate about, your creative juices will continually flow allowing your voice and style to reveal itself within your writing. Sometimes prospective clients may want to get a feel of your personal style and a blog, your blog will deliver that.

Online Portfolio

Similarly, to creating a blog, keep samples of written work in an online portfolio ready to show a prospective client or employer. Samples should include direct links to published articles either on your website or to sites in where you have written guest posts.  Get creative and add a direct link on your personal blog headlined “Hire Me” (or something you prefer) which directs clients or prospective employers to your best work. When it comes to your online portfolio it really is about showing off your best pieces. 

Social Media Presence/Networking

As daunting as it may seem to begin with, you will have to put yourself out there. The good news is you can use the powers that are social media to help you land your first writing job. Go ahead and create a facebook page and Instagram account  let it be known on your accounts that you are a writer!  Having a presence on social media will allow you to follow people who you aspire to work for someday.  Get involved in writing communities and gain more tips in your chosen field. Social media is a two-way street and sharing engaging content will help you to build a genuine following and lead you to a prospective client.


When seeking your first writing job, there are a lot more opportunities available to you than you may think. In this digital age, more and more owners of blogs and websites rely on content writers opting to hire writers on a freelance basis. Which is where you fit in. Freelance writing comes in many forms from blog posts to news pieces and tutorials. Freelancing is an awesome way of gaining experience of producing online content and landing yourself some writing work.  Upwork is a great site for regular freelancing work. Whilst sites such as Amazon, Etsy  and Ebay often hire freelancers to create product content and are also worth checking out. 


If you felt somewhat unnerved by putting yourself out there on social media, then the thought of pitching to land your first writing job may seem scary. To begin with.  Create a Linked in account to display your experience and connect with global businesses. Pitching is contacting your client and subtlety convincing them why they need to create an opening and hire you. When reaching out to prospective clients, show them how you can help them with a strong pitch.  In your contact demonstrate your writing skills, credibility in your niche and do not forget to include your online portfolio.   Before contacting your prospective client, make sure they are the client you truly want.  Only approach them after conducting thorough research on their company values, reading their blogs and following their social media accounts.

There you have it, by putting yourself out there networking and continuing to create awesome content it will only be a matter of time before you land your first writing job abroad.