How to become a top digital nomad

Written by alanadowner

A career that lets you travel the world, working from wherever, whenever, might sound like a life-long dream. For many it is, but living as a digital nomad isn’t for everyone, in fact some might not even know what a digital nomad is.

The internet has allowed people to work independent of their location. This has led to a whole community of smart and savvy people packing their bags and travelling the world with the money they earn while on the road.  So, what are the top digital nomad careers, and how do you become one?

Web or app development

Web development is one of the most common digital nomad careers for a variety of reasons. For one, most web-dev jobs allow developers to work from home, at least some of the time. There’s no need to regularly meet with clients, instead developers work in the background fixing issues and making improvements. This means it’s relatively self-paced which plays into remote work.

Web and app developers work almost exclusively from a computer and work can be saved to the cloud, meaning it can be accessed from any device. In addition to this, the tech industry is known for being progressive, with some companies even favouring remote work. Web development is a growing career which is in high-demand, so there’s lots of opportunities if you know how to code or are willing to learn.

eCommerce entrepreneur

Running an eCommerce store lends itself to traveling and working remotely. Many digital nomads sell physical products online. Most commonly, this is referred to as dropshipping. Essentially, this puts you as the middle man between customers and manufacturers, removing the need for you to hold stock. Fulfilment by Amazon will even pack and ship purchases for you. This makes it one of the best location independent ways to make money.

With your only duties revolving around managing orders, your store and marketing, all you need is a laptop and a steady internet connection. With the steady and rapid growth of the industry, eCommerce is one of the easiest and most effective ways to live as a digital nomad.

Forex Trading

This digital nomad career is a little left of centre, and is more suited to those who are willing to take a bit of a risk with their money. Perhaps as another profession begins to make profit, one could trade on the Forex market as a way to increase their cash flow.

Forex trading can at first seem overwhelming but with the right strategies, like those taught by Learn to Trade coaches, it can lead to a successful digital nomad career. Remember that there are risks in any type of trading so it’s best to first seek professional advice.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is another popular digital nomad career path because once again, it is all done online. Most commonly, digital nomads in this area specialise in certain traffic generation strategies like SEO or paid search engine advertising.

This career is much more fast-paced compared to the previous ones on this list. It’s highly result driven and your clients will want sales. Doing well and building good relationships and partnerships with clients is crucial to securing steady work. Almost every business, both online and offline require digital marketing services so there’s a lot of opportunity out there.

Content and Copywriting

Perhaps one of the easiest digital nomad friendly careers to get into is content writing or copywriting. As a native English speaker, you will already have majority of the skills, it’s just about honing your writing skills.

Copywriting is again important for most businesses as it helps convert leads to sales. A copywriter aims to persuade the reader to make a purchase through writing a quality sales page. Not only is it a great skill to learn for a location independent job, but as a freelancer, it’s a valuable skill to have for selling your own services or products. Sites like Upwork make it very simple to find freelance work in areas like copywriting.

Working as a digital nomad is a great way to travel while earning money and meeting like-minded people. From Forex trading to web development, there are almost endless ways to start your journey.