The best tips for your gym setup

Gym set up
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Are you looking to open a commercial gym or interested in converting a section of your home into a personal gym? Setting up a gym can be a complex but rewarding process. With the right equipment and finance, you can develop a workout space fit for any athlete.

As specialists in providing gym equipment and installation, PowerGym Fitness know what it takes to create the perfect gym setup for professional commercial gyms and home gyms. In this article they will explain some of the top tips for setting up your own gym space.

Finding the Right Equipment

Any good gym starts out with the equipment. This is the centrepiece of the gym and without it there would be no exercise! That doesn’t mean you skimp out on purchasing cheap equipment or have little thought for the objectives of your gym. There are so many different types of equipment to choose from and several brands. Right off the bat it’s important to determine how big you want your gym to be and the workouts that should be achievable. For instance, you may value cardio exercises over strength building machines or wish to balance the two. There are other things to also consider such as power racks, dumbbells, weight plates and storage. When you have an idea of the type of equipment you require, do your research on different brands and products. One brand’s exercise bike, for example, will differ to another brand’s exercise bike. They may work the same muscles but offer different features or flexibility. With this point in mind you also want to weigh cost versus quality. A cheap option may seem worthless in the long run while an expensive option may offer more features that you need.

Crafting a Design

The appearance of a gym is important. Sure, people are more interested in the workout benefits, but it’s human nature to judge how something looks. This is more important for commercial gyms but still a worthwhile tip if you’re setting up your own home gym. When planning your gym, you should consider a design that represents your brand and objectives. Your gym environment will look messy and aesthetically displeasing if there is no consistent style and the colours are mismatched. Not only this, but when someone walks into the gym, they should be able to instantly recognise the brand without even seeing a logo. Customise your equipment and environment to suit your brand. You should also consider how other brand elements can make their way into the design such as logos and taglines.

Maximising Space

Your gym won’t work if you buy a load of equipment without evaluating your space requirements. You should gain a clear idea of the dimensions of the space available to you and decide where will go where. When buying equipment, you should always check the specifications to see if they match what you can handle. At PowerGym, we work with clients to maximise their space so that we can boost revenue and capacity without making the environment too cramped.