Choosing a Fragrance as Your Brand

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Smelling nice and cool goes hand in hand with looking good and sharp. When attending that seminar, business meeting, or date, you need to both smell good and look nice to make a good impression. As much as people should avoid judging a book by its cover, it is no secret that first impressions are essential in most social and business settings. A good fragrance will no doubt boost your brand and help build your business and personal image. Consequently, it is paramount then to choose a fragrance that matches your style and oozes class so that those you meet won’t help but comment on how these smell nice and want to interact with you. Here is how you can choose a fragrance as your brand.

Determine Your Company’s or Product’s Personality

Before settling on any particular fragrance, it is vital that you understand your product’s or company’s personality. Scents you invoke as your brand must send or communicate emotions related to your company’s image. There has to be a primary message that you are conveying to your audience. If you want to evoke feelings of excitement for instance, then your scent must bring out the same to evoke the intended reaction from your intended audience. Citrus scents are known to evoke a sense of cleanliness and calm. If your brand gravitates towards this field, then you can consider such. All in all, you must take time to research various scents before settling on any.

Carry Out Market Research

Once you understand your brand’s personality, carry out proper market research to identify the fragrance that matches that personality. You can survey perfume professionals and a sample of your intended audience for the best results. Using this information and your knowledge will ensure that you select a scent that best matches your brand.

Blending and Customizing Scents

Since it would be a difficult task to find one fragrance that fits all your needs, you can opt to customize your scent using the fragrance blending process. This process allows companies and individuals to customize unique scents from different fragrances blended to produce a particular intended scent. You must be careful thought to involve a professional to take you through this process for best results. For only a small fee, you select the fragrances that match your brand, then communicate to the professional your expectations before allowing them to curate for you a unique fragrance that is unique only to your brand image. Keep in mind that you can custom-make fragrances you apply on yourself, as well as those you use in your business environment or office.

Link the Fragrance to Your Product’s Purpose

Your customers need to identify with your product’s purpose when they get into contact with your business or personal fragrance. Lavender for instance is a scent most people associate with relaxation and a good mood. If you deal with perfumes, then you can opt to use the same to create that feeling of happiness and relaxation. It is not that difficult to identify a scent that relates to your brand’s purpose if you fully understand that particular brand.