How To Choose The Right Signage Display In 2024

Piccadilly Circus
Written by Nigel Simpkins

The future of advertising is digital. No matter how big or small a brand is, digital promotion has shown great potential. From maximising customer engagement to driving revenue, it checks all boxes. Thus, choosing the right signage can be a game changer. From multi-touch displays to 8K screens, digital signage will be more significant in 2024. Here’s how to choose a reliable digital signage partner in 2024.

Think Different, Do Different 

Digital signage displays are a first-hand solution for forward-thinking brands. Say a restaurant that wants to display its menu enticingly. It can ditch traditional printed menu cards for LCD screens. You must have already seen popular food joints like KFC or McDonald’s moving ahead in this direction. 

Many boutique hotels have also taken the game a step further with small. Portable LCD screens that are fitted to each table allow customers to slide through an interactive menu and even place an order in a few clicks. Other popular commercial signage display options include digital posters for walls and ceiling-mounted signages.

How To Choose The Best Digital Signage Options 

Not all businesses are equal. Thus, when choosing a digital signage display, put individual needs first. For example, digital signages for a shop front and university will differ. A shop may use digital signage only for promotion. In comparison, a university may choose to invest in wayfinding signage. Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing the right digital

  • Types of displays- LCDs and LEDs are the most popular digital displays. However, opt for smart, all-in-one digital signage if you want something versatile.
  • Longevity– Choosing digital signage is not enough. You will need to consider its lifespan for maximum performance. So, before you choose a screen, check the standby time.
  • Size Matters- Contrary to popular belief, a bigger display is not always the right solution. For instance, smaller screens work best for kiosks. In contrast, large screens are well suited for commercial needs, like shopping malls, shopfronts, and restaurants.
  • Resolution– Would you like to invest in a digital display that is hard to read? That’s where resolution comes into the picture. No matter what size, always choose digital signage with the highest resolution. For small to moderate-sized displays, 1080p works best. For extra-large displays, choose 4K resolution for clarity. It will help potential customers read information from a distance. 
  • Watch out for the bezels- You know how bezels play an essential role in smartphones, right? The same logic applies to digital signage. The maths is simple. The thinner the bezel, the more prominent the content. 

Digital Signage Display- Predictions For 2024

Now that you know about choosing the right digital signage display, here’s a peek into the future. 2024 could be the best year ever when digital signage will rule the roost. Brand advertising will never be the same. Here’s what you expect.


A digital signpost that displays the best offers from your favourite brand as you walk by. A fascinating concept! Hyper-personalised ads are an outcome of data analytics matched to individual preferences. It’s a step above targeted advertising. 

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain isn’t only for cryptocurrencies. For digital signages, it promises unmatched transparency and data security. This benefits several industries, including healthcare and finance, where real-time and verified updates help realise scrutiny and compliance goals.

Sensory Signage

Visuals are only the beginning. Futuristic digital signage displays are all set to be a revolution. Don’t blame yourself if you fall for the fresh aroma of a pizza coming from digital signage—a total game changer for food and fragrance businesses. 

Remote Management

Cloud tech needs no introduction. In 2024, the cloud alone will allow for remote control of digital signages. From updating content to monitoring customer interaction, brands would be able to do everything using a smartphone.  

Sustainability 2.0

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind will soon be powering digital signages. This could be a unique selling point as brands will show greater interest in realising their sustainability goals. What’s good for the earth is also good for your business. A win-win situation!