How do your shoes affect your performance in playing basketball?

Basketball shoes
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Now that there is a deeper understanding of the human anatomy and how it functions, basketball shoes have been modified over and over again over the years. Basketball shoes designers believe that their recent and different designs help the player perform better. There are a lot of people who underestimate the power of designing basketball shoes, and don’t even believe in the fact that specialized designs as such help in performing better; however, the NBA begs to differ. There are certain shoes with some designs that are banned by the NBA because the board believes designs like that give unfair advantage to the players. However, shoes that are not banned usually have the typical characteristics that make the player feel comfortable while playing, such as, flexibility, ankle support, lacing, cushioning, and stability.


If your main goal is to find basketball shoes that make you feel flexible enough to jump and move around then your main focus should be on the soles. You need to check the soles yourself; wear the shoes, walk around with them, and see what they feel like when you jump. Flexibility in your soles means jumping and moving around faster, which is what you want in a basketball game.

Ankle Support

We’re all familiar with how sometimes players get their ankles broken because of basketball, which is why shoes that give ankle support are important. Of course these shoes won’t completely protect you if you’re not careful, but they will give you the support needed not to break your ankle.


Due to rapid movements during the game, shoelaces can easily get united. Which is why there are basketball shoes that are specifically designed without laces to avoid this problem once and for all. Untied laces could lead to a poor game and serious injuries, which a devoted basketball player might want to avoid. Unexposed laces give you just that.

The right size

Making sure that the shoes are the right size is one of the most important factors when it comes to playing basketball. If the fit isn’t right, the players movements will not as comfortable and as natural as they should be. Which is why it’s important to wear basketball shoes that fit and make you feel comfortable while running in the court.


The right amount of cushioning in basketball shoes is mainly there for the player’s comfort, otherwise uncomfortable player leads to poor scores. The trick about cushioning is to make the player feel comfortable, and remain a lightweight on the player’s muscles at the same time.


Well-designed basketball shoes offer stability to the players, which can protect them from injuries and slipping on the glossy floors of the court. Stability also makes the players grow confident of their shoes, since they know their shoes have a good grip.