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Common household problems caused by leaks

Water pipes
Written by Nigel Simpkins

While having clean water piped to your house and waste and sewage is taken out might not seem like something unique, it might be the most exciting thing in human history. However, with the advancement in plumbing and drainage comes the detrimental effect of water leaks. Leakages in your property whether big or small need to be fixed in due time, or else they will predispose major problems, some of which may be harmful to the general structure of your house or the health of your family. Whether the leak is in your kitchen, bathroom, basement or any other place, it should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage. This piece highlights some of the problems caused by leaks in your home.

1. The growth of Mold and Mildew

The most severe consequence of leakages, in the long run is the growth of mold and mildew. Moist conditions can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, and if not properly managed, they can spread to other parts of the house and cause serious trouble. Mold and mildew can lead to a series of health problems especially those suffering from high sensitivity issues such as rhinitis, nasal congestion, asthma, and inflammation. Molds produce harmful spores, which can trigger asthmatic reactions or inflict other more severe health complications.

2. Risk of Electric Shocks and Fire Hazards

If the electrical system in your house passes near a leaking section, it could expose your family to risk of electric shock or worst case scenario cause a fire. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you repair leakages that pass near the electrical system in due time to avoid severe fire incidences.

3. Slips and Falls

Leakages can make the floor slippery or cause water to puddle. This may seem like a non-issue, but if you have a supercharged family, especially one with children who are running up and down, you need to fix the leaks or else your kid ends up with a broken jaw or limb. Additionally, spills from the toilet tank gasket can make the floor slippery and increase the chances of you “kissing the ground” when taking a bath. And if you are wondering what is a gasket? It is a sealing material that is placed between adjoining flanges to create a leakage-proof seal.

4. Compromised Structural Integrity

Though most people fail to take it into account, leakages may also damage various parts of your property. These include ceilings, fascia boards, flooring, and walls. They may also lead to deterioration and weakening of wooden elements such as roofs and kitchen cabinets. If spills reach the ceiling joists and walls, they may call for expensive repairs that may cost you’re a fortune.

5. Dampness and Polluted indoor Environment

Household leakages can also make your house damp as well as pollute the indoor air. Humidity can lead to the growth of molds which produce spores that affect the quality of the air in your house. Besides, a dump environment can also facilitate the spread of diseases such as flu, as well as act as a breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms.

6. High Utility Bills

Another problem caused by leaks is high utility bills and wastage of energy. Dampness makes the fiberglass or cellulose insulation to take a long time to dry out, and if it is not repaired, the excess water spillage will deplete the insulation and make your house to lose heat quickly. This means that you will be spending more energy to warm your home and, thus pay high utility bills.

Having leakages in your household is not an uncommon thing. However, being able to detect and repair the affected area early enough can cause some severe problems. Therefore, it is crucial for homeowners to make sure that they repair leaking areas before they become a disaster.