Explore Corfu by boat

corfu by boat
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Corfou is one of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian sea and the island is surrounded by tranquil deep blue waters that can easily be explored by boat. Boats in Corfu are abundant and easy to rent when you feel like exploring the island and its surrounding waters.

How to find a boat in Corfu

You can find a wide variety of renting options in Corfou and you are sure to find the model you are looking for relatively easily. Many of the boats in and around the area are available for rental during the summer season and they can be rented from the various management agencies located on the island. Adding a boat trip or two to your next Corfu vacation can make it a much more memorable experience and with a large selection of boats to choose from, finding the right one is quite easy.

Which types of boats can be found in Corfu?

The only thing that limits your choices when it comes to boats on the island is your imagination and budget. The island has many adventure boats which are a great choice for people who prefer a short trip or adventurous and speedy glide through the azure waters. These boats are not overly expensive or complicated to rent and can be operated by someone with some boating experience. Rental companies often rent these boats to tourists along with water toys and other equipment like jet skis. Combination deals like these are the ideal solution for a day of fun with family and friends and can keep people entertained for hours on end.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, some of the agencies offer rental yachts. These vessels are much larger and offer onboard amenities like staterooms and cinemas. A yacht may be a better option for people who are looking for a vessel on which they can spend the night, or a few nights, in luxury. Many yachts come with a staff compliment which can include personal assistants and a chef to prepare meals while you and your family are onboard. Normally, a yacht is rented with a skipper since operating the vessel does require experience and cannot be done by novices.

Renting a boat while in Corfou can turn a normal seaside holiday into a completely new experience and provide you with hours of entertainment. Boats also make it possible to access some of Corfou’s surrounding areas and beaches which are otherwise inaccessible. All of these activities can be enjoyed from your very own floating palace or you could simply lie back on the sun deck and work on your tan. The choices and options for this type of rental are truly abundant in Corfou and you should, therefore, do some research on the topic and requirements before you arrive. Having some information at your fingertips can make it a whole lot easier to decide on the right boat and service provider for your needs.