How do I get an internship in the media industry?

How do I get an internship, intern, Hannah Parry, Kettle Mag.
Written by HannahWrites

In today’s competitive economy jobs are sparse for young people, and whether or not you have a degree, there is one thing that you most definitely do need. Experience – and that often means getting an internship somewhere.

If I can give you any advice as a third and final year university student, currently looking for jobs in the media and communications industry, experience is the thing that will bag you your dream job. 

Update your CV 

I bet that sounds like an obvious one right? But you’d actually be amazed at how many people leave key pieces of information off their CV because they don’t know if they are important or even worthwhile. Your C.V should contain absolutely everything that will sell your potential to your future employers. So what if you only managed to stick out 2 months at your local university radio – write it down!

Don’t stop trying

Again, slightly obvious but believe me, rejection can get pretty tedious after a while and you may find yourself losing the will to carry on sending out application after application and email after email having had either rejections, or even worse, no response at all, from the company that you’re offering yourself to. However, there is strength in numbers – the more you try, the more likely it becomes that someone will take an interest in you!

Network, Network, Network

Things such as Twitter and Facebook can actually be used for more than just watching your ‘friends’ bicker online and post hilarious photos. Get yourself following potential companies that could offer summer internships and throw in a few tweets or messages to them every now and again. There really is no harm in reaching out to companies online. Social media was the outlet in which I found Kettle Magazine, and there really is no end to the possibilities that social media holds for finding potential internships. 

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Bigger isn’t always better!

While bigger media companies such as the BBC and ITV are always going to be enticing with their bright lights and huge names, you are less likely to get a shot at your first summer internship with a bigger company. With a bigger name comes a much bigger influx of applicants who are all looking for the same thing – some of whom will already have previous work experience to set them aside from the crowds. Try looking for smaller companies and emailing their specific departments and you may find that you get lucky!

Video didn’t kill the radio!

By all means don’t forget the radio. Radio is still a huge part of our media industry in the UK and while television and film are definitely more mainstream they are also incredibly well sought after. Why not grab some experience at your local radio station and work your way up from there? Not only will it allow you to get some media experience on your CV but it will also give you a chance to learn the basics and network whilst you’re there! I mean, what more could you ask for?! 

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Are you struggling to find a summer internship in the media industry, or do you have any top tips to give us? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!