Holiday planning guide: How to plan a stress-free holiday

Written by Ezinne Chinda

Planning a holiday be it summer or Christmas can be the easiest and fun thing to do or can be the most stressful thing ever depending on the steps you take.

In order to have stress free holiday the most important thing is to do is plan appropriately and put everything into consideration before and when making reservations or payments.

Most importantly START EARLY! The earlier the cheaper.


Choosing a Destination:

First, you have to consider your current needs and interest. Then you do your research based on your interest. Research for places that have things that suit you and your current needs. For example, if you want an Island holiday, research on the different Islands in the world. If you want a city vacation where you get to party and make new friends, do your research based on countries or cities that have great party spots. After doing these, choose and discuss all possible destinations with your travel partner (that’s if you are not going solo) then choose a specific destination.

Choosing a Travel Partner (If you don’t want to travel solo):

This is one of the most difficult aspects of planning a holiday. Most times, you have friends doesn’t mean they will be willing to travel with you when you want them to. When you want to travel, your friends may be busy or may not even have the funds to travel. Who you travel with can affect your trip either positively or negatively.

When choosing a travel buddy, it’s best to choose someone that shares the same interest as you. If you’re adventurous choose someone that’s adventurous too. You don’t want to get there and start having issues deciding places to visit and places not to (better still make a bucket list before you go). Most especially do not choose a selfish person someone with a ‘What I say goes attitude’.

Solo Travelling

When travelling solo, make sure to choose a destination that is suitable and safe for solo travellers. A destination where its people are welcoming and friendly because you’re going to need them in other to make the most of your time there. Do your research on safety tips for solo travellers for that particular destination. Regardless of the fact that research may say a destination is safe, you still have to take extra caution because you are alone. IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.


The first step to budgeting for a holiday is figuring out how much you have and how much you are willing to spend. Make sure your desired location cost of living fits into your budget. After making this decision, decide what part of the city you’re visiting you want to stay. For example, close to the airport or in the city centre. Then start searching for hotels around the area. Search for hotels that suit your desired area. Then search for your flight and ensure all of this fits into your budget. Check websites that offer hotel and flight deals such as and