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Best ways to entertain yourself on a long-haul flight

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

In today’s globalised world, many people are frequenting air travel as they go abroad. No matter how excited you are to get where you are going, whether it is for business or pleasure, long haul flights can get boring and one may start to feel a bit cooped up on the plane. So, it is key to get creative and have plenty of entertainment options so the travel time can fly by that much faster. 

Here are some of the best ways to entertain yourself on a long-haul flight.

Binge watch TV shows and movies on a portable device

Binge watching TV shows and enjoying a movie on the plane is what most people end up doing on the plane, at least for a portion of the flight. It’s a great time to relax and watch something, especially if you don’t have as much time to do so at home. With your portable device, such as your phone, tablet or laptop, with a little planning ahead you won’t be dependent on the tiny airplane screen and limited selection. Entertainment platforms, like CHILI for example, give the option of downloading content to watch offline. Tip: download content before you leave for the airport while on trusted and efficient Wi-Fi. 


Get lost in a story on the plane and time will fly by. Bring out that book you haven’t had the chance to finish, stop by the bookshop in the airport, or download a couple options to your e-reader. Try reading something gripping and entertaining like a thriller or mystery that will keep you so wrapped up in the book you may even forget you are on a plane! 

Play games on your phone

You may not be able to convince yourself you have the time to play 10 games of Candy Crush at home, but on a plane, you have so many hours to fill and plenty of time for it. So go ahead, see how many levels you can advance in. 


While it may not be entertaining per say, sleeping does help pass the time. Plus, you’ll feel more rested upon arrival. Bonus if you can sync up your naptime on the plane in accordance to the time zone of your arrival destination. 

Play games with your travel companion

If you are travelling with someone, you have an automatic buddy to help pass the time. A card game is a fun (and quiet) way to pass time, made very possible with table trays. Play a couple games between movies and meals to mix it up! 

These entertainment options make flying much more enjoyable and ultimately make flight time pass much quicker. And these are just 5 ways! A recent trend suggests adult colouring books not only help pass the time but also seemingly reduce anxiety and stress. It is definitely worth giving a try!