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Getting through university

University = mental health
Written by Ezinne Chinda

For most students uni can be demanding and nerve-racking with deadlines close to each other with little time to work. One thing I’ve realized as a final year student studying Journalism and Media at the University of Hertfordshire is that there is nothing more important than time management.

People often say your first-year grades don’t count. Well, that is very true in UK Universities, but that doesn’t mean the things you learn in your first-year won’t matter.  As a final year student, there are times where I’ve had to use the knowledge I gained in my first year in my final year. While going through uni I realised that no knowledge is waste. What wasn’t important yesterday can be important today or maybe even tomorrow so you shouldn’t take anything for granted.

Dealing with mental health at uni

According to BBC, a report published last year autumn shows that the number of students disclosing mental health problems has increased in fivefold over the last decade.

With all the daily ups and downs at uni, it is easy to be mentally stressed out and this can affect how you feel, think, act and relate with people. As humans, one thing we should never forget is that it is okay to be not okay. What’s not okay is knowing that you’re not okay and not getting help.  As students, we often try to plan and organize our day to day activities ranging from what time we want to be done with our school work to what time we want to be home getting some rest. With time management you’ll be able to achieve this.

However, there are times where you make plans and they don’t just work. That’s not because you’re a bad planner.  That’s just how life is because YOU CAN’T ALWAYS HAVE EVERYTHING FIGURED OUT! this can leave you feeling stressed out especially when deadlines are really close.

You are not alone

Life is usually easier when we learn to take things one step at a time as putting pressure on yourself never helps.  When you feel stressed, there’s no harm in taking a little break from all the school work to catch some fun. If you so lost and alone, get help and talk to someone. Talking to someone else usually makes the situation less troubling. Talking to someone you can confide in such as a friend or family member is usually the easiest option.

When you feel like you need more than the help of family and friends, get professional help. There is free mental health for students such as the NHS. To find out how NHS can help click here – most universities also offer free confidential counselling services which can be easily accessed.