Getting lost in Greece

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Written by mgugliel

Summer is here, and dreams of holidays come with it. Greece has long been featured among the best summer destinations, the perfect place to get a tan everyone around you would be jealous of…

But you can easily get caught by the names of Mykonos and Santorini. By caught I mean a desperate will to go there, because they look like the perfect Greek places. They must be beautiful locations, but due to their reputation, they are crowed and really expensive during summer. And not as authentic as they seem.

So, what should you do to have a real insight of Greece, without 5 persons spilling their mojito on your shirt during a party and without putting yourself into debt for the coming year?

Here are some answers, hopefully. Before you start reading, keep in mind that Greece in the summer is very hot (around 35°C), so in a nutshell : water, water, water, wherever you go! 


Aegean Airlines is a really nice airline. If you plan your travel early, you can have your tickets for a reasonable price, and the meal is included, which you can choose : vegetarian, fruit salads, gluten-free… Here is a nice start for your trip!

Once you are in Greece, use the metro in Athens, and rent a car or a scooter on the small islands. To go to your campsite, if it is not too far from the harbour, a free shuttle can take you there ! I would highly recommend to contact your hotel / accomodation to ask the question.


Athens. Take at least a complete day to visit the Acropol, pure beauty of Antiquity. I would recommend to go there early, before the sun is too high ! Walk in the small streets, get an orange juice (delicious !!!!) and appreciate the great History of the Greek capital.

Other Cyclades islands

Milos. A small island, Milos is a great start for beaches and for diving into the Aegean Sea. A special location is Achivadolimni Camping, with a breathtaking view on the sea from a little hill (for example here, a free shuttle is operating several times a day from the port). It is a campsite, but totally worthing it. There is a small restaurant where you can have breakfast, and your tent is already settled, with a small yoga mattress. You just have to bring a sleeping bag (or not ! the weather is so hot there). So : Swimming pool, private access to the beach and low prices, around 30 euros per person per night… What else could you ask for ?

Sifnos. Less touristic than other Cyclades islands, a preserved beauty. You will find many treasures here. And there is no need to rent anything, the bus network works very well. For example, a nice and accessible walk will take you to a lovely village named Kastro, and then to a beautiful Monastery, Panagia Chrissopigi Monastery, located in front of the sea. Tip: bring your swimsuit, and have a swim after the walk near the Monastery: priceless !

Naxos. The biggest island. Here, a car is great so you can travel and discover on your own Greek’s treasures. But you must book it before your arrival, it is much much much better. Otherwise you will have to try every single car rental agency to find one and it is a little bit… stressful ! Once you have a car, two things you must do ! First, the temple of Demeter, which is quite a magical and incredible place. If you go, you’ll get the feeling of stepping into history for real, I can assure you. Second, the Mount Zas is an amazing spot (1000 mt high), totally worthing the ascension. But start the walk early in the morning, there are not so many trees along the pathway so if you want to avoid sunburn/deshydratation, start at 8am.


Greek salad. Because a Greek salad here is always better than a Greek salad somewhere else, you know what I mean. You can have one for 5/6 euros in most restaurants.


Orange juices. Give it a try. It is absolutely delicious ! (says a girl who does not like it normally). And also, if you like lemon, you must try something at the Greek « Costa » called « Coffeeright ». It costs only 1,5 euros and is truely a lifesaver during a very very hot day.

And enjoy the warmth to get beautifully tanned !