The Things We Miss The Most From The 90’s!

The 1990's Leah Walker Kettle Mag
Written by Leah

The 90’s: those were the days weren’t they? When your life was free from the restraints of technology, catching up with your friends meant meeting up at the local park or – God forbid – using the house phone, and the height of fashion was glittery jelly shoes or the coolest light up trainers.

Life really was simple, wasn’t it? Nowadays life is full of sparkly technology that can do just about anything, but do you remember when you thought you were the bee’s knees for having that Nokia phone complete with snake? Keep reading to discover what else we miss most about the 90’s…


Slap Bracelets

If you had one of these bad boys in school, everyone knew you were one of the cool kids. You stood a slight risk of injury from the painful slap it took to put on, but hey ho, fashion is pain, right?

slap bracelet the 1990s

Bubble Tape

Remember crowding around the playground with your mates trying to blow the biggest bubble with your bubble tape? Shame it became really gross after about 5 minutes of constant chewing though…

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape The 1990s

Scented Gel Pens

Guaranteed if you were a school kid in the 90’s, your pencil case was jam packed full of every scented gel pen you could find, from apple to candyfloss, you simply just had to have it. Was it just me that always ended up missing most of them though?!

scented gel pens the 1990s

Sending Notes In Class

In the 90’s, kids didn’t need phones – except to play the occasional game of snake, of course – your version of texting underneath the desk was scrawling a quick note on your notepad and launching it at your friend when the teachers back was turned. Risky business.

sending notes in class the 1990s

Playing Gameboy

Life didn’t get better than meeting up with your friends at the weekend to battle your best Pokemon, or spending hours on end trying to top your best score on Tetris. The idea of wireless was a foreign concept – remember the game link cables?

gameboy colour the 1990s

The Original Furby

First things first, what was Furby? A hamster? An owl? The verdict remains untold… One thing’s for sure though; you definitely spent most of your free time trying to teach your fuzzy friend to speak English.

original furby 90s toy

Playing M.A.S.H.

No sleepover was complete without a game of M.A.S.H., you always had to choose the most outrageous cars and pray that you’d end up with your top celeb crush – let’s face it, you thought that game was a fortune teller.

mash 90s game

Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes have made a comeback in recent years – we’ve seen ones with wedges, even high heels! But nothing beats the original, remember being the envy of all your friends because you had the coolest, glitteriest pair on the block? We don't miss the blisters though…

jelly shoes 1990s fashion


Remember the battle of trying to keep your Tamagotchi alive for as long as possible, sneaking it into school and caring for it beneath your desk? Until your teacher caught you of course and banned Tamagotchi’s from the entire school. </3

tamagotchi 1990s toy

The Macarena

No school disco was complete without the entire class hopping up and rushing to the dance floor the moment you heard those iconic first beats. Not to mention the cringe worthiness of seeing your teachers dancing – it was just creepy.

macarena 90s dance

The Goosebumps Books

Were you brave enough to read these books? Goosebumps were the scariest books that ever existed and everyone thought you were hard as nails if you read them. Even if it meant being too frightened to sleep and lying awake terrified that something was going to grab you.

goosebumps 1990s childrens horror books

90’s Cartoons

They don’t make kids cartoons like they did in the 90’s anymore do they? Remember rushing home from school and staying in your uniform just because you couldn’t bare missing a moment of Scooby Doo, The Powerpuff Girls or Rugrats?  

scooby doo 1990s cartoon

The Music

Nothing quite compares to the music of the 90’s. This era gave us groovy classics like U Can’t Touch This, angsty teen anthems like Smells Like Teen Spirit and so much more. Oh and don’t forget the pain of accidentally scratching your favourite CD and never being able to listen to it the same on your Discman ever again – we definitely don’t miss that.

nirvana nevermind 1990s album

Beanie Babies

BEANIE BABIES EVERYWHERE. You had to have every kind of Beanie Baby you could find and boasted about your amazing collection to all your mates. Not to mention that some of your collection could be worth quite a bit of money now (providing you resisted the urge to tear that tag of the ear though).

beanie babies 1990s toy

Light Up Trainers

Nothing said cool kid on the street more than someone coming stomping in to non-school uniform day wearing a pair of light up trainers. Admit it, once you saw them you went running home to beg your parents for a pair of your very own.

light up trainers 1990s shoes


So that’s what we miss most about the 90’s! What do you think? Is there anything you miss about the 90’s that hasn’t been mentioned? Let us know!