Great destinations for a group Summer holiday

Written by Nigel Simpkins

A group holiday with uni friends is a great way to celebrate the end of the academic year. To make sure everyone is ready and relaxed for your holiday, there are a few things to ensure are sorted out first. It’s important to save in advance, find a destination that suits everyone and is affordable, and have ideas of what you want to do when you actually get there.

Here are a few great destinations for a group summer holiday. 

Berlin- Germany

Berlin has become quite the hot-spot in Europe. It is a bustling city with so much to do, but at a fair price. It is a city that has connections to the new and the old through architecture and culture. True to its city feel, there is something new to do at every turn of the city. Your group can check out fun bars and restaurants, Museum Island, Easy Side Gallery and visit one (or more) of the many techno clubs for nights out- Berlin is famous for it’s nightlife and interesting artsy scene. One of the best things about visiting a city for group travel is that everyone will surely find something they love and want to explore. 

Sicily- Italy

Sicily is a great option for groups looking for sun, great food, beaches and a lower cost of living. Companies like Wishsicily have an incredible selection of Sicily villas with a pool owned by locals and truly authentic, where you can relax, hang out and eat outside. Plus sharing a villa is a great way to give everyone a bit more space, while splitting the cost between you all. Sicily is especially suited for groups looking for more than just clubbing. While you are there, be sure to try local foods! The pistachios from Sicily are famous and you can try a fresh granita to cool off on a summer day. Embrace the tradition of enjoyably long dinners and enjoy the company of your friends, without any stress from the past academic year. 

Barcelona- Spain

Barcelona is well known all over the world for its nightlife and charismatic people. If your group wants to go out, some of the popular areas include Eixample and Sant Gervasi. If you enjoy trendy cocktail bars, El Born draws a unique and fun crowd. Because of how the city is laid out, be prepared to hear directions being given by simply stating “towards the sea” or “towards the mountains.” That sounds like the perfect combination for holiday! You also have the incredible architecture and Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece the Sagrada Familia to be sure you take in a bit of culture while you’re over there.

Mykonos- Greece

Mykonos is at the centre of the Cyclades island group and has beautiful white sand beaches, landscapes, history, tradition, food and locals. It is the perfect place to wind down and enjoy the sun, but also be around lively people when you want to have a long dinner and go out at night. Though getting there can be an extra step, the relaxation you’ll feel when you reach it is well worth it. The cost of living, especially if you go during shoulder season after exams, is also lower and can help combat the slightly higher transportation cost to reach the island. 

Riga- Latvia

Riga is a charming town with art nouveau facades and wonderful food. The architecture is completely unique, with local spots to see including the House of the Blackheads, a house built in 1334 for upper class merchants. You can visit the Central Market, in Riga’s historical centre- a UNESCO heritage site, and try local Baltic specialties. After winding your way through the streets, you can wind down at night at one of the charming bars.  

Group holidays offer loads of amazing things you would not get on a family holiday, but they can be stressful. If you do it well (be willing to compromise, go with the flow, etc.), a group holiday will be a trip you will always remember.