Fresh Meat: Too fresh faced to be ending so soon?

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Written by HannahWrites

From the very first episode that aired back in 2011, Fresh Meat was an instant hit with audiences across the UK. Back then, I’d barely even begun my dreaded UCAS application, but Fresh Meat had already helped to secure my future plan of skipping merrily off to university, to live with (hopefully) totally crazy people.

Broadcasting both a hilarious and horrendous view of modern student life, Fresh Meat was an automatic hit and the Channel 4 comedy has just been renewed for a fourth, but unfortunately final, season.

What have we seen so far?

In only three series the show has come surprisingly far. The story centers on six housemates from incredibly different backgrounds, who miss out on getting places in the more desirable student halls, and are plunged into a student house as a result. The awkward, hilarious and, quite frankly, bizarre experiences of Vod, Howard, JP, Josie, Oregon (or Melissa!) and Kingsley document their journey through university.

Although the show is only just entering into the renowned ‘fear year’ in Series Four, there have already been some serious antics. Awkward one night stands, adultery, student protests, virginity, drug overdoses, death, muggings, activism, orgies, marriage and alcoholism have all graced our screens. And let’s not forget the time Orgeon had an affair with her Professor and JP attempted to secure the fate of humanity by freezing his sperm in an ice cube tray.

While it may not paint the most traditional portrayal of what university is actually like – I don’t know any fellow university students that could afford to buy their own, albeit grotty, student house – the show has certainly enjoyed success as one of the best British comedies to date.

Spoiler Alert: What’s in Store!

Series Four sounds just as promising. Series Three left us with a huge bag of mixed feelings following Josie and Kingsley’s emotional break up, Howard and Candice’s heated romance, Vod and Oregon’s plunge into student politics and JP’s drug-fuelled cleaning spree.

In the upcoming series, creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, have promised a meet-and-greet with JP’s ominous older brother who wants JP to up his game. Vod finally spirals into the mind-numbing debt that’s been following her for the entirety of her university life, while best mate Oregon is too busy crafting her Student President legacy.  Kingsley’s relationship status is once again as difficult and as deep as he thinks he is, and ex-girlfriend Josie struggles to come to terms with the terrifying thought of getting through third year without her beloved housemates. As for Howard and Candice’s relationship – well, Bain and Armstrong have been quiet on that front. But, let’s face it, who isn’t routing for them?

Leaving So Soon?

While the news of a fourth series of Fresh Meat has sparked an excitement that had long burnt out in its two year absence, a few people (myself included) are disappointed to hear that this series will be the last. Complete with easy-going humour and a scarily realistic awkward representation of university life, Fresh Meat has become the prime go-to comedy for undergraduates and graduates alike. Since its creation in 2011, Fresh Meat has held a beloved place in our hearts, and many will be sad to see it go. There’s never been a better excuse for a student-style box-set binge watch than this.