Fresh Meat: Is uni anything like the E4 sitcom?

My best friend started uni last year and with it she discovered the e4 sitcom, “Fresh Meat”.

My best friend started uni last year and with it she discovered the e4 sitcom, “Fresh Meat”. It’s a great easy watch, something every student loves, but is it what university life is really like?

Drugs, sex and raves. That’s what most students expect when they arrive at university. Kingsley (Joe Thomas, the lovable, naïve male) certainly expected to have lots of one-night stands, trying to impress everyone by naming himself “the pussy man”. He soon realizes it isn’t as easy as he’d expected. Fresher’s is the best time for it though; everyone’s hormones and alcohol levels take over and try to impress others without judging. Whether you’re a lad or lass; you’re trying to shake who you were at school and reinvent yourself.

Just as Josie  (Kimberley Nixon, stroppy, anxious) did, she kept her long-term serious relationship a secret and slept with J.P and Kingsley. Accidentally falling for Kingsley but never being able to make it work. Going to university with a relationship is a bad idea. It can restrict you from making friends and can also cause lots of jealousy fuelled arguments. Lots of couples go through “extober”. Everyone knows October is the make or break month for a couple, I’ve only ever seen a handful of couples survive it, I myself was not one of them.

When going to university you have an idea of what you want your housemates to be like, worrying as to whether you’re going to like them, or even if they’ll like you. You can never plan on the friendships that’ll form at university and the people you’ll meet. The characters from Fresh Meat are all so opposite, and none of them would have expected to end up being friends but they fit together perfectly, balancing one another out. Such as happens with university.

When in doubt: drink. When bored: drink. When thinking of catching the bus; walk, not to be healthy but to save your money to buy a pint down the pub later. This is the you’ll come to think once going to university.. Nights out never go how they should, someone always get too drunk or lost or both or just sits in the corner all night crying. A good night out is never something you can plan for, it just happens to you and its certainly not about where you go, but its who you’re with as the show Fresh Meat shows us.

It’s refreshing to have an accurate portrayal of university life. It isn’t all sex, drugs and parties. A lot of the time its sitting in your pajamas pilled into one persons bed watching re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. arguing over who’s going to cook tea for everyone. Its where you discover yourself, what you like and don’t like and what kind of person you want to become.