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Forget being the single friend, what’s it like being the coupled up friend?

Couple holding hands
Written by bethy143

For a lot of young people, an issue I seem to have come across a lot is people complaining about the loneliness of being single, and the worry of hanging out with friends who are in couples at the risk of being the third wheel.But what’s it like on the other side? When you’re in a couple and all of your friends are single? Well it can be extremely awkward. 

Girls Night vs Date Night

First of all, what do you do when your friends always want to make it a girls night? This leads to your partner being left at home, whilst you’re out enjoying yourself, something that doesn’t always seem fair. Don’t get me wrong, I love a girls night, however sometimes it would be nice to be able to bring my boyfriend along without worrying about what the girls will think, as if I’m breaking some kind of code. I get that there are times where we girls need to gossip and catch up, possibly telling tales on our boyfriends and complaining about their bad habits, but surely not every single time?

I understand a lot of people will think that by bringing by boyfriend along, I am being clingy, or my boyfriend is being possessive or needy, however they don’t seem to understand that maybe we simply want to spend time together whilst also being sociable. If a couple are extremely into PDA, then it would be different, but some couples just want to spend time with friends. Sometimes we want to mingle in a bigger group, and not have to spend every weekend having a date weekend.

“Couple friends” anyone?

Sometimes, I believe it would be lovely to have ‘couple friends’ but where are you supposed to find these when your friends are single? It’s not as simple as sending out an ad, or searching online, in fact if we did that, I think we’d be judged for being pathetically sad. It just seems a shame that couples might feel isolated from society simply because their friends do not know how to deal with hanging out with another couple, or because the couple themselves feel like they’re imposing. 

Just because I’m in a relationship does not mean I should have to feel lonely, and perhaps single people should try and understand what it’s like from the other side as one day they’ll be in the same position.