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Drink to your health: The benefits of tea

Benefits of black, green, white and oolong tea - Katarzyna Kwasniewska - Kettle Mag

Your daily dose of antioxidants hides in a teapot: any tea brew contains antioxidants which lower the risk of heart diseases, circulatory system problems and cancer. All of them include caffeine, so waking up with a cuppa is really possible. Recommended dose is as much as four cups a day, so it’s a good idea to explore the flavours that you haven’t tried yet.  What are the options for tea lovers, and how do they help you in keeping healthy?

Power known for generations: green tea

benefits of green tea

The oldest herbal tea known to humanity, used in Chinese medicine for generations, green tea is widely recognised for the power that its leaves hold. A survey presented at Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease Conference in Nice last year showed that green tea helped to lower the possibility of developing dementia. Another study showed that the brew, alongside exercise, could slow down the progression of the disease. It is also said that L-theanine, one of the chemical ingredients of green tea, increases the production of dopamine, and allows its drinkers to calm down easily, ruling out anxiety and depression. Rich in catechins, the ingredient that contributes to weight loss and the reduction of bad cholesterol, it helps to destroy the bacteria responsible for throat infections, so it will help you cure tonsillitis. Green tea boasts a light colour and subtle flavour, so mix it with a few teaspoons of berry juice to make it a perfect blend!

In samovars and at five o’clock: black tea

benefits of black tea

Beloved by the Russian and brewed in “samovar” and synonymous with British five o’clock tea parties, black tea can be found in almost every cupboard. And rightfully so, because as much as its health benefits are often forgotten, it deserves recognition. It boasts the highest caffeine content of all tea types, it may re-energise your body and improve your focus without overloading you with side effects of caffeine overdose. It has been proved that its anti-inflammatory ingredients that allow a strained digestive system to rest. Conservative tea fans will recommend starting with unmodified black tea, either its English breakfast version or Earl Grey with bergamot oil. Those who want to spice it up and replace their usual latte should choose masala chai, rich in ginger, cinnamon, clove and cardamom. Mix the pure blend with coconut milk to soften the taste and add another tone to your morning (or afternoon!) drink.

Truly unprocessed: white tea

benefits of white tea

The least processed of all the tea types, white tea is an omnipotent anti-cancer weapon – the content of antioxidants in its cup is significantly higher than in any other. Those who enjoy sunbathing should incorporate it in their daily drink intake – several studies proved that it protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet light. Drinking it can also prevent the organism from suffering infections caused by bacteria and various viruses, so if you feel that cold coming, sweeten your white tea with honey to beat flu and cold even quicker!

Clean skin ally: oolong tea

oolong tea benefits

Those who dream of clear skin should definitely sip oolong tea. Shiga University specialists proved that three cups of this brew helped eczema sufferers improve their skin condition in less than a week. What’s more, 63% of the monitored people achieved a hugely noticeable difference in a month. Oolong tea keeps the blood sugar level stable, so it’s invaluable for diabetes patients, as well as for those with sugar cravings. It’s also high in caffeine and polyphenols, so its consumption can improve weight loss. If you constantly feel stressed and tired, slowing down with a cup of this tea can calm you down: L-theanine works effectively in this tea type, too. Squeeze in a bit of lemon or orange juice to balance the taste and benefit even more from antioxidants!