Five things to know before purchasing a safe

Five things to know before purchasing a safe, kettlemag,
Written by Nigel Simpkins

I’d wager that since you’ve clicked on this article you’re not exactly a security safe maven. For the novice security lovers out there, not all safes are created equal. Buying what looks like the most ‘secure’ safe isn’t always the best option. To make the smartest purchase you’ll should have an idea of what you plan on storing in the safe, how costly these valuables are, and what your future needs might be.

What are the Contents?

The whole purpose of buying a safe is to protect certain items deemed too valuable to simply be lying around your home. Since you’re already reading this article it can be inferred that you have said items and think that your proper home and property would benefit from a quality security safe. Seeing as most people only think to store mother’s pearls and money, irreplaceable documents are often overlooked. Before making your purchase consider the wide range of belongings that might benefit from being stored in a safe.

Which Safe is Right for Me?

Once you’ve established what you want to store in your safe it’s time to consider the types of safes available to you. Most safes fall under two categories: wall and floor. Floor safes are designed to store heavier items and of course are meant to stay on the ground. These safes are often locked down to the floor. Wall safes are often just as secure, apart from the fact that they can be carried away if not properly secured. If you want to dig a bit further you can find safes that are designed for the purpose of securing specific goods such as precious metals or legal documents.

Find a Safe With a Comparable Cash Rating to Your Goods

Most people probably aren’t aware that you can get insurance on your safe. To get the proper insurance you’re going to want to buy a safe with a cash rating that’s equivalent to the safe’s contents. Check with your insurer before making any safe purchase so that you know exactly what you are insured for.

Where Will You Store Your Safe?

The location of your safe will greatly influence the type of security safe you’re going to purchase. Part of keeping your goods secure is storing them in an out-of-way place. The height and weight of your new treasure chest should also be considered before you put any money down.

Will You Be Adding to Your Safe?

Do you think that you’ll be adding any contents to your safe? If so, do you think it’s better to purchase different safes of different types or one safe that’s larger than your current requirement? Consider this carefully as you seek to step up your home security.