A Review of Magic To Memphis by Julie Starr

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Written by SamMorto19

When we’re young, we often find ourselves confused, struggling with our adolescence and not wanting to wait to grow up.

This is an underlying view in Julie Starr’s Magic to Memphis and something most readers could relate to. The story follows young Jessie, a girl with a dream to become a successful musician but also with a quest to find answers behind why her father had abandoned her.

Jessie is tormented by the questions of why her father left but also struggles to find any truth from her alcoholic mother, when Jessie finally decides to leave home her life is turned upside down.

The journey to Memphis

Magic to Memphis is a story that in the beginning shows Jessie joining a band with the hopes of winning a newcomers music contest in Memphis, this simple dream soon takes a darker turn as the journey to Memphis begins.

With twists and turns this book will leave you shocked and wanting more as events unfold. As Jessie’s story continues she rescues a pit bull pup named Bear. Bear is supposed to be sold into dog fighting, but instead Jessie takes him under her wing. He is the loveable companion that she is in desperate need of as she struggles with isolation on her journey for answers. By the end Bear is loved by all who meet him and as a reader you will find yourself greatly attached to him as well.

Two sides to the story

One of the most important things to remember about this story is that it is told from two perspectives; the story is continuously swapping between Jessie’s activities and the going ons of the evil Kabos, an Egyptian Prince with the power of sorcery. We find out early on that Kabos has unfinished business with Jessie’s father and his band mates. Kabos is on the hunt for them but as the story unfolds Jessie is caught in the middle and finds herself the one being hunted.

This is an unexpected plot twist that turns what could have been a generic teen story of a girl finding herself in the big city to a mysterious adventure that offers magic, wonder, sadness and happiness throughout.

Final thoughts

All in all I think this book offers something for all ages: it gives a hint to magic, it has suspense, drama and the characters are all easy to relate to. By the end of the book you find yourself not wanting it to end, you find yourself attached to the characters and wanting to know how the rest of their lives play out. It will make you laugh, possibly cry but never fail to entertain, the only disappointment you will have with Magic to Memphis is if you don’t read it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it can definitely be called a page turner. Even at 22 I still have that adolescent girl inside me that squeals at chick flicks when the boy kisses the girl or that loves to gossip, so this book ticks all the boxes to keep that girl inside alive. This book cannot be compared as it is like nothing I have ever read before. The story gives its reader a mix of emotions but leaves you happy as everything is resolved by the end.

Magic to Memphis by Julie Starr is available to purchase now so don’t miss out, grab a copy while you can and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!