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#DudesGreetingDudes – A Hilarious Cat-calling Parody

Zanna Wolff, Kettle Mag, Men, Street Harassment, Cat-calling, Misogyny, Rape culture, sexism
Written by Zanna Wolff

If you are female and have ever been outside, chances are that you’ve come across them: nasty men who “just want to say hello”. These are guys who will shout at you down the street or honk as they drive past. It’s heinous, annoying and impossible to argue about. These are men who don’t understand how anyone could ever not want to talk to them, or receive a “compliment”. But at the beginning of November, TWiB! founder and recent twitter phenomenon Elon James White has come up with a wonderful way to turn this street stupidity on its head: with the hashtag #DudesGreetingDudes.

How it started

The idea behind #DudesGreetingDudes is simple: if women don’t appreciate being cat-called, maybe men will.

Because of course, as cat-callers will tell you, they “just want to talk”. Obviously cat-calling isn’t in any way a degrading and aggressive way of stating that they want to have sex with you. Where on earth did you get that idea?

Hilarity ensues

But if you aren’t convinced yet, here’s a sample of some of the best #DudesGreetingDudes tweets out there:

Hashtag sparks more serious debate

Now there have been discussions as to whether this campaign, in attempting to call out sexists, is actually homophobic. I don’t think so: the idea behind #DudesGreetingDudes is to make cat-callers who verbally abuse women realise how inappropriate it is. 

If men who are attracted to men were to cat-call other men in this way, it would be just as inappropriate! 

And actual cat-callers’ aggressive response to being jokingly cat-called in this way just shows their ingrained homophobia, not the other way around.

Mr White responded gracefully to these concerns nonetheless.

We here at Kettle would love to hear your opinions on the subject. Is #DudesGreetingDudes homophobic? Is it a good way to combat the plague of cat-callers on our streets?