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Creative and Professional Writing Students: 10 reasons to date one

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Written by Naomi

Creative and Professional Writing Students spend their three years at university studying the discipline of writing and developing experience in commercial practices such as publishing and marketing. Here are ten reasons why you should date a CPWS student:

  1. Creative and Professional Writing Students (CPWS) have very little contact time at Uni and therefore have hours of free time to spend with their partner. This can only be a good thing. There surely is no point dating a scientist who is constantly eying up test tubes and unavailable to go down to the Student Union at a moment’s notice.
  2. Free time is usually spent in cafes and bars once the CPWS has woken from their sleep, filled in their dream book and scribbled an hours’ worth of subconscious writing in their current notebook.

Guaranteed job…sort of

  1. CPWS are not known for their wealth but since they spend so much time in cafes it has been known for owners to either offer them a job (Who doesn’t want to date an earning student?) or ask them to wash up in return for a macho-latte-mocha-diddly-extra-choc cup. All this washing up makes them good partner material when they convince you to become their live-in-muse in years to come…

  1. The majority of CPWS have battled to get to Uni. Not because of their IQ but because they have had to put up with their families horror at the thought of them studying an Arts Degree. This has led to them being banished from the family home which means you get them all to yourself at the weekend.

Known to be Leary …but in a good way

  1. CPWS love to quote poetry at you. Byron, Hughes, Plath, Lear, Keats… What is not to like here. Okay, I agree, Keats is not to like here, but providing you have a cat, an owl, a jar of honey and plenty of money in your house and not a Greek vase, it’ll probably be Lear all the way.
  2. A huge amount of time is spent waiting for the muse to appear. This gives the CPWS plenty of free time to take you out to …a café or bar… where the Muse will be hovering under the guise of ‘people watching’. Never a dull moment.
  3. CPWS are either full of angst which means they need to chill at the bar for long periods…or have been visited by the muse and are excited to soon be scribbling away -and therefore will be in the bar celebrating their imminent work. Again, what’s not to like.
  4. Many students spend time on social media, but none more so than CPWs. Mostly looking at cat pictures. And yes that is a reason to date one. Obviously.

  1. CPWS are extremely thoughtful. They are told in their first lecture that critical thinking is vital to their degree. They will think critically about vodka/beer prices, coffee, cats and if there is a lecture on the horizon, about poetry. But mostly about coffee. Critically they will think about their partners too, especially during the holiday period when they need somewhere to go for homemade food.

  1. Dating a CPWS can mean you end up in a novel, poem, short story or rather more dangerously in an article of non-fiction about why you should date a CPWS. Of course no one dates a CPWS because they are going to make masses of money once they graduate. CPWS write because they love it, they have passion. And let’s be honest we all like a bit of passion whoever we are dating. 

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