Christmas gift guide for her – Under £10

Christmas is considered by many to be the best time of the year. People get together to celebrate and catch up, eat delicious food and reminisce about the year that has almost passed.

Christmas is considered by many to be the best time of the year. People get together to celebrate and catch up, eat delicious food and reminisce about the year that has almost passed. For some however, Christmas is a nightmare.  Buying presents is stressful enough even when you don’t have to worry about the price tags, but in the current financial climate, and especially if you’re a student, money becomes a huge issue.

The following guide is here to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for her, or at least give you some ideas about what’s out there. All items are £10 or under and most if not all are designer goods. Gift guide for him will follow suit.

1.    All Saints White Stone Earrings £7.99 at TKMaxx. This interesting vintage design would definitely make a statement.

2.    Luxury Bath Set in a Basket by Grace Cole £9.00 at TKMaxx. We are normally advised to stay clear of bath products when buying presents, since they are mundane, uninspired and might send the wrong message. But if you manage to find a giftbox like Grace Cole’s, the recipient of your gist will not complain.

3.    Patchwork Wallet by Graffiti £9.99 at TKMaxx. Wallets are a practical and pretty gift, but you have to remember never to gift an empty one. Giving a wallet as a gift around the winter holidays is a symbol for prosperity and riches in the New Year, so you should always give one with a lucky penny inside. Which is great, because you’re still within the £10.00 budget.

4.    Mock-snakeskin Watch by Infinite £8.00 at Debenhams. Another practical item on our list. A wristwatch is the kind of gift no one would complain about. You can never have too many, providing you wear them to match your outfit!

5.    Scarf and hat set by Calvin Klein £10.00 at TKMaxx. The colour choices are purple, white, cream and two shades of grey, and it’s the perfect gift for a cold winter.

6.    Makeup bag by Ollie & Nic £10.00 House of Fraser. Girls tend to have a lot of make-up and some don’t have enough bags to keep it all safe. There’s nothing more annoying than losing an item you really love, and gifting someone a make-up bag ensures that they won’t.

7.    Ladybird Stretch Bracelet By Therapy £7.20 House of Fraser or/and Ladybird Necklace £9.00. This is a bold mash of styles that somehow works together to create a piece that will definitely catch your eye.

8.    Lip and Eye palette by Bobbypin £8.00 Boots. Make-up palettes are always welcome, and thankfully they are available for every price range. This one has 5 eye shadow colours and 5 lipsticks.

9.    Teddy Bear beanie by River Island £9.99. Just look how cute this is.

10.   Snow Leopard print hot water bottle at Dorothy Perkins £10.00. Every girl likes a hot water bottle.

BONUS if you’re willing to spend an extra 50p – Isotoner SmartTouch gloves in pink at Debenhams for £10.50 – everyone who ever had to choose between using their phone and keeping their hands warm would love a pair of these!

General advice: Department stores tend to have great things in sales. Debenhams and House of Fraser tend to be expensive most of the time, but the items they have in sales are very accessible. The best bit is they gift wrap whatever you buy for free, and it looks amazing.

Think outside the box, but also inside it. Some things are considered cliché presents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift them or add a personal touch to it. One of the best presents I got was a pair of socks, but they had a skull and crossbones print which made them unique.

But the most important thing is to have fun shopping! People notice when a gift is made with love. Especially girls!