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Choosing the right oven for your kitchen

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Every kitchen is different. Some are made for families, some are where everyone goes to enjoy a nice meal and some are simply used for cooking and nothing else. No matter what your kitchen means to you it needs to have the perfect oven. There are thousands of choices out there from Neff Ovens to Bosch Ovens, no matter what the brand, do you know which oven is right for you and your kitchen?

Electric or Gas

One of the first decisions you have to make is whether you are looking for a gas or an electric oven. Nowadays most ovens are electric but the choice really is up to you!

Gas ovens are cheaper to run but aren’t always as affective when it comes to cooking the food at a constant temperature for an amount of time.

Electric ovens normally come with a fan that means the heat is distributed all around the oven rather than in one spot. They can also easily stay at a more constant temperature and take a shorter time to bake. However, they are slightly more expensive to run being on average £25 more expensive than the cheapest gas oven to run. 

Does oven size really matter?

Once you have chosen between gas and electric it is time to decide which size you really need. 

So what are your options? And does size really matter when you are 

Single oven

For a family that loves roasts, needs a lot of space in the oven and does not mind that you can realistically only cook one thing at once, opt for a single oven. Taking up not much space and easily fitted into any location in your kitchen, these ovens are simple to install and perfect for a small family with a big appetite. 

Double oven

Double Ovens offer more oven space and different functions. You can be grilling your cheese sandwich in one section whilst you roast a chicken in the other. These ovens are normally electric meaning that you don’t have to worry about them not working, they can heat through your food no matter what you are cooking. With double ovens, there aren’t always that many models to choose from so it is important to find the right one. 

Is the most expensive always the most impressive?

Spending thousands on an oven can seem like the only way to get a great deal. You might think you have to spend all your money to make sure that you get everything you need or want. Well this is not necessarily true. Make sure just like you would when buying a car, you shop around and get the best deal. Find the right oven for you and find the best price to go with it. You need your oven to last for years, do a great job and even look stylish in your kitchen whilst it is cooking.

Once you know which size, functions and power (gas or electric) you want for your oven then Kitchen Finesse are happy to help. Supplying high end brands such as Neff, Bosch and Siemens ovens, you will find the best oven for your kitchen.