Celebrity Big Brother: Nadia finally gets the boot

Nadia in the house, Kettle Mag, Holly Wade
Written by Holly Wade

After the reappearance of Perez Hilton this week the Big Brother house was set up for more arguing and tantrums than ever before.

In line with the ‘new year new me’ motto that seems to resonate at this time of year Perez declared himself returning as a new person. Dressed in pink with a clean shaven face he has continually claimed that he will now face up to arguments and not run away to the diary room after every to do.

Face-to-face nominations always provide a bit of controversial entertainment and this week was no different. After being cursed by the public Perez now faces eternal nomination so cannot be voted for by any of his housemates.

Katie Hopkins naturally revelled in the whole affair, after being accused of being two-faced by none other than Perez she welcomed the chance to prove that she is able to be cruel to people directly to them and not just in the comfort and security of the diary room.

To some surprise comedian Keith Chegwin received five nominations and went on to face the public vote. Cami-Li chose him for his alleged reprimanding behaviour, constantly complaining about her mess. Others accused Keith of being false and desperate to be liked, which on occasion he does seem to be.

Katie Price finally stood up for herself during the nominations and hit back at Katie Hopkins who has claimed that Pricey has not been as feisty as she seems to be on the outside. Price has undoubtedly been influenced by Perez as she again reinstated that she believes Hopkins to be two-faced though every time the newspaper columnist has been rude to someone it has been to their face.

Going into the Big Brother house will have done wonders for Katie Hopkins’ career as the British public has now been able to see her softer and more vulnerable side. And whoever thought that Great Britain may start to like her.



Needless to say Katie Hopkins joined Keith, Perez and Nadia Sawalha for eviction. Disappointment was etched onto Keith’s face but Hopkins did reveal that she believed if Perez was able to be nominated by the housemates then Keith would not have faced the public vote.

Since then arguments have actually been kept to a minimum, some astounding footage coming when Nadia, Perez and Katie Hopkins all shared a hug in bed together, supposedly now playing nice.



The atmosphere in the house has definitely changed but, as Cami-Li expressed in the diary room, it seems to be the calm before the storm.

On Thursday evening Big Brother laid on a goodbye party for the nominated housemates. Everything was going smoothly with the celebrities all having a fantastic time dancing around.

Perez stirred the pot once more between Kavana and the other housemates. The 90s pop singer, who has pretty drunk at the time, went to the diary room to thank Big Brother for the party whilst Michelle Visage and both Katie’s discussed how quickly he tends to get drunk.

Predictably as soon as Kav left the diary room Perez approached him to discuss how all the others had been bitching about him. Not fooled by this Kav mentioned it to his fellow housemates in the bedroom, Nadia then telling all to Perez as soon as he entered the room, a small argument ensuing before Calum Best was able to break it up.

On Friday Nadia was evicted from the house to much booing. The TV presenter was incredibly glad to be out and many seem to be looking forward to any interviews with her when she is able to realise that throughout her time in the show she was taken for a ride by Perez.



The next eviction comes on Monday with a special 2 hour edition of the show, gearing up for a week of drama before Friday’s final. But with Nadia constantly siding with Perez how will he cope now that she has left the house?  We cannot wait to find out.

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