Celebrity Big Brother: Alicia becomes second housemate to be evicted

Following last week’s madness, which resulted in 80’s singer Alexander O’Neal choosing to leave the house following an explosive argument with blogger Perez Hilton host, Emma Willis promised an exciting nominations twist.

During Tuesday’s live edition of the reality show, audiences were witness to events from the previous day, in which surprise contestant Katie Price was privy to the secret that there would be no eviction that day. Instead, she had to choose the most entertaining nominee to be saved, and vote to put the least entertaining housemate in their place.

It came as no real surprise that Price chose Katie Hopkins; despite the pair having clashed on the outside they seem to have built a sort of friendship inside the house. Price then went on to choose playboy Calum Best, a man she has had dalliances with in the past, claiming that she felt he would be saved by the public vote anyway.

Later, this led to Hopkins later stirring the pot, as she berated Price for not really choosing the least entertaining housemate, and purely using Best because she felt he would be saved. Luckily, neither Price nor Best are not particularly confrontational, and seem to prefer resolving disputes directly, so Best chalked it up to the fact that Hopkins had only been trying to cause an argument.

Perez Hilton’s continued stunts did not go unnoticed in house this weekend. Hopkins continued to chant ‘get Perez out,’ as the audience had done the previous week. The American blogger seems desperate for air time, eating cheese throughout the duration of Tuesday’s show and shoving some up his nose for no reason. He also stripped down to his underwear and paraded around the house with the hope of winding up the others. Even his partner in crime, Nadia Sawalha, was disgusted by this behaviour.



Over the past few days, actress Patsy Kensit seems to have lost it. She’s constantly seen looking anxious and worried, and gets little air time as she often sits quietly away from the other housemates. In a conversation with Katie Hopkins, she even revealed that she would leave the house if she were able to take her cheque too.

Comedian Keith Chegwin seems to be having mixed reactions to the whole experience, providing the much-needed comic entertainment for the other contestants, but also being accused by 90’s pop star Kavana of being false. Cheggers, as he’s commonly known, is still pretty endearing, and seems to be loved both in and out of the house. Out here, he’s quite a favourite to win the competition.

By Friday, there was finally a live eviction, and glamour model Alicia Douvall was booted out. Audiences saved Calum, Nadia and Perez instead, with Calum as the only housemate to actually hear some cheers when saved.

Safe to say that Alicia was not the most entertaining interviewee. Emma Willis clearly struggled with getting more than one word out of her, as she shocked to have been both booed and evicted, after Chloe Goodman’s departure the previous Friday.



But, compared to the other housemates, it did seem inevitable that Alicia would be leaving the house, after bickering with a lot of the other housemates over the past two weeks.

Clearly, the public are keeping Perez in to see just how far he will be willing to go on television, and also for the potential romantic sparks flying between Calum and model Cami-Li (despite rumours that they’re both already coupled up on the outside).

The next eviction is scheduled for Tuesday, and judging by the nominations so far ,it’s likely that Perez, Nadia and Katie Hopkins will all be facing the public vote in a few days time.

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