Celebrity Big Brother: Alexander exits due to Perez pain

Over the past week, Celebrity Big Brother has really managed to outdo itself. The level of outcry and shock from the public thus far just goes to show how far a television show, and its contestants, are willing to go.

Following the events of the previous week, Ken Morley and Jeremy Jackson were removed from the house, meaning that the Tuesday eviction was cancelled. Last Friday, after fairy tale twists and turns, (fitting for the theme of this year’s edition) Chloe Goodman, Alicia Douvall, Alexander O’Neal and Michelle Visage faced the public vote. Goodman was voted out, seemingly happy, after so much negativity had marred her time in the house.

In another supposed twist, a new celebrity entered the house, and it was no surprise to anyone when Katie Price walked in. So far, she has come across incredibly well on the show, even becoming friendly with the controversial Katie Hopkins, who has still yet to be as cruel as she is perceived to be on the outside. Instead, she has revealed a sweeter, more vulnerable side, crying whenever a fellow housemate compliments her.

The main antagonist of the house has become Perez Hilton, an American blogger who prides himself on revealing celebrity gossip. Perez is a drama queen and an attention seeker, and has really shown himself in a negative light whilst being in the house. Having fought with pretty much every housemate, he even got into an explosive argument with O’Neal, the passive 80’s soul singer, taunting him by pursing his lips into a kissing fashion.

Perez likes to pretend that he is the victim. Following every argument he runs to the diary room and screams at Big Brother that he fears for his own safety. But people are arguing that, if he really was that scared, he could have left by now.

O’Neal was later given a formal warning after using a homophobic word towards Perez, after the 61-year-old was so riled by Hilton he exploded into anger. Later on, Alexander chose to leave the house feeling that he could not live with Perez and be kept sane any longer.



There was outcry in the house, and everything kicked off. There was plenty of crying from the housemates who all liked Alexander and even some of the quieter housemates, such as 90’s pop sensation Kavana, who began to speak up about their dislike towards Perez.

One housemate also coming across negatively is TV presenter Nadia Sawalha. The originally loveable and bubbly lady seems now worn down by Perez’s antics, though for some reason she is still his best friend in the house and constantly amuses his attentions. By association, Nadia has ended up being ostracized by some of the other housemates who find Perez so abhorrent that they simply cannot bear to sit around him, and therefore her.

Perez certainly knows how to play the game, winding people up and manipulating them without breaking any rules. A few days ago, in an attempt to steal air time and annoy the housemates further, he ran around the garden before stripping down to his underwear and performing sexual acts against the bedroom window as the housemates tried to sleep.

It does seem absurd and unfair that Perez was not given a formal warning for his explicit sexual conduct. Big Brother prides itself on punishing any celebrities that use unacceptable behaviour, but many are arguing that if it had been any of the other male housemates, like Calum Best or Keith Chegwin, they would have been penalised.

Following Alexander’s exit from the house, Tuesday’s eviction has also been postponed, though the housemates don’t yet know this. Emma Willis will host a live show where audiences are promised a nominations twist. No doubt, the next few days will show more of Perez’s antics and the American may go on to win the show. After all, with driving everyone else out he’ll be the only one left.

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