Can Mr Nasty really bring back The X Factor?

Written by karishmaj

There is no doubt that The X Factor has lost its magic over the last few years.

There is no doubt that The X Factor has lost its magic over the last few years. With judges in and out quicker (apart from Louis, of course) than you could say “Your Saturday night starts right here”and rating gradually decreasing it’s clear that a change is necessary for a successful revival.

It seems Simon Cowell agrees and is gracing the British public with his presence once more by swapping his seat stateside for the UK to work his magic.

The question is: will it be enough?

Over recent years The X Factor has declined in popularity, and yet the talent has kept on coming. The most recent winner, Sam Bailey, has an astoundingly brilliant voice and yet, in the 2013 final, even a whole host of singing royalty didn’t stop Strictly Come Dancing tangoing their way to the top of the ratings war.

It seems that whilst the talent does hook viewers, it’s the judges that the audience are really interested in. Chemistry and personality between them is what makes the show. Gone, unfortunately, are the days of Sharon throwing water over Louis or the talks of a Minogue and Cowell affair. Talent is most definitely a factor, but it’s the “judge factor”we’re more interested in. 

The problem is not that the show itself has become irrelevant, everyone will always love the underdog and want to know about how the contestant went on “a journey”whilst being awe of the talent that never would’ve been discovered otherwise.

However, to ensure they stay away from the label of irrelevant, producing credible winners must be the top of the list of aims (does anyone know what actually happened to Leon Jackson?) This must be compounded by quirky and interesting judges, and the quintessential example is, of course, Simon Cowell.

The future of Saturday night TV

Cowell’s return should, in theory, be the life raft required to save the reality show, but this may not be enough. Sure, everyone will tune in to the first episode, or maybe even the first few, everyone wants to see if Cowell is as mean as ever and if he has had any more Botox, but that will serve only to pique interest.

To retain intrigue, the show must put together a stellar panel, complete with Mr Nasty, unquestionable talent and an understandable format (a format which doesn’t change every series under the name of a “twist”would be much appreciated, I’m sure). Only with these combined will The X Factor be able to survive in the long haul.

The presence of Simon Cowell will succeed at first, but the real indicator of success will be the viewing figures halfway through the series when the excitement of his return has died down and he has once more become a regular face to the public.

A dubious image of Cowell as a fairy godmother comes to mind, but only time will tell if The X Factor has reached its sell by date or whether it will be revived into what was once the public’s most loved Saturday night TV show.

The question is not if the show has become irrelevant, but whether Mr Cowell has. There is most definitely potential for the singing contest to claim its crown as most loved and watched Saturday night TV show but it will also be easy for it to sink lower and lower into ratings hell.

Only time will tell whether Simon Cowell’s return will reverse the ratings slide and if he will be belting out “I’m a Survivor” or crying a river.

What do you think? Is Simon Cowell’s return to The X Factor good for ratings? Or has it lost in the Saturday night TV battle? Have your say in the comments section below.