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Are one night stands a social taboo?

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Written by SamMorto19

In today’s world, more and more people are logging online to find their perfect match, and less people are doing it the old-fashioned way with face-to-face interaction. Instead, they are depending on a short online profile to find their soul mate.

However, not all dating sites are used for the same reason. Sites like Tinder have become the norm to be used to find yourself that occasional hook up. So what does that mean for the taboo that is one night stands?

The stigma

We all know that in the past if a man has a one night stand he’s a legend among his friends, but if a woman was to do the same she would be branded a slut. One night stands shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of as they are just a bit of fun, it is an activity done by two consenting adults who would have their own reasons to be hunting for sex without it leading to a long-term relationship.

Apps are making it easier

Although sites like Tinder have made hook ups easier to achieve, you no longer have to spend hours in a bar hoping to cross paths with a mystery man to go home with. Instead, you have thousands of people available at your fingertips thanks to apps.

Nothing is what it seems

Even though Tinder can be a lot of fun, we must remember that it does come with some level of risk; I mean who hasn’t seen MTV’s Catfish show? People may not always be who they say they are on an online profile; therefore their intentions may not be what they say they are either. If you are planning on meeting someone online it’s always better to take the appropriate measures to protect your safety even if you are online interested in the other person for the sake of a one night stand.

Finally, have fun; if you’re young, free and single then go mingle! Remember don’t be ashamed everything is your choice, so ignore what others say and do what makes you happy.

Here are my top five tips to surviving online dating:

  1. Be honest: don’t post photos of you from 5 years ago where you may have been a little skinnier because the truth will come out

  2. Don’t be pressured: don’t meet people because they’re forcing you to, it has to be a mutual decision

  3. Be smart: be realistic about who you think you’d be compatible with to make sure you get matched up with the perfect people

  4. Be safe: if you are meeting someone online make sure your friends know where you are and who this person is just in case

  5. Have fun: meeting new people can be a great way to break you out of your shell and can be a lot of fun, so get yourself out there and enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on one night stands? Let us know in the comments below!