Dear Santa… A grown up letter

As Christmas approaches it’s that one time of year when our greed tends to get the better of us. It’s a tradition that we’ve known for years – time to sit down and write that meaningful letter to Santa.

Anything and everything 

When we were kids, this wish list seems to be able to go on forever. It’s scattered with gifts from the latest toys, money, books or films. It’s a list of anything and everything imaginable that could make us happy on that special day.

When I was younger, my list would include clothes for my dolls or teddy bears; when I got older I wanted that make-up palette full of all the glitter eyeshadow that would make me resemble a disco ball that used to sway at the stereotypical American proms you’d see in the movies.

Decisions decisions

However, now at 22 my list is a little different. I will always have a place in my heart for the teddy bears, but living in a one bedroom apartment with my macho boyfriend means I have limited space for the cute girly things I’d love.

If this isn’t a drastic enough change, let’s think back to those 90’s kids make-up palettes. You’d probably be able to get one for a minimal £2 from your local market stall, but now make-up has a wider meaning and is a lot more expensive. If you’re not battling with the right shade (are you more of a Kylie Jenner or a Kim Kardashian?) you have to then battle with the brand. MAC, Chanel, Body Shop… the list is endless. You also have to think about what brand is the best for your skin type, what’s the best value for money or how essential are these products.

With brands like MAC charging at least £15 for one lipstick can you really justify asking your loved ones to spend that kind of money on something you’ll probably end up being too scared to wear and using up, so you’ll probably save it for special occasions instead. (In girl code this means you’ll wear it Christmas Day then for the rest of the year it will live in the tiny bottom corner of your make-up bag collecting dust.)

Don’t ask, don’t get

So with all that in mind, what would I ask Santa for this year? This is where it gets difficult, because at my age it now becomes a list of what I need rather than what I want, as the things I want are far too expensive to be classed as a Christmas present (for example a new laptop maybe).

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I would like:

  • A new bottle of my favourite perfume.
  • Pyjamas (I think I have an obsession, if I could wear pyjamas 24/7 I totally would).
  • A toaster for my flat because every time I try and use the grill I set the smoke alarm off.
  • Some new notepads and pens for university.


Sam Morton

What have you asked Santa for this year? Let us know in the comments below!