Antonio Lulic: Kettle’s Artist of the Week

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Written by Kayleighrhart

I’m very excited to be back with a slight deviation from the regular Band of the Week feature to bring you an artist that I was recently introduced to and fell absolutely in love with: Antonio Lulic!

Who is Antonio Lulic

Lulic is a singer songwriter who was born and raised in Sunderland (hail the North) and is the son of a South American political exile. His unique heritage has meant that social awareness has always been a key factor in his trademark hard-hitting, yet wonderfully catchy lyrics.

His journey so far

Since the release of his first EP Becomes Unstoppable in 2009, Lulic has toured relentlessly, gathering a loyal fanbase around the world. He supported Ed Sheeran on his sold-out UK tour in the summer of 2011, and opened for Sheeran again at his NYC headline show in 2013. Most recently he once more opened for Ed Sheeran in April of this year at his shows in Chile and Brazil.

Additionally, Lulic did a showcase at the prestigious SXSW Music Festival in Texas in 2012, and, most recently, performed at the ‘We Love Spring’ event in Central London in March to celebrate the release of his third EP Son which came out on March 29th.

Antonio Lulic EP, Son

So far Lulic has released two singles from his latest EP, which reflects his journey around the world as a solo performer and marks his divergence from solo guitar performance to powerful, foot-stomping full band. The first single to be released was The City of Austin Texas, which harks back to a personal experience. A story of love lost in an unfamiliar city while the full force of nature throws itself at you.

However, my favourite song on the EP is the second single, Beckoning Drum. This tune is the perfect ‘staring out the window, pretending you’re in a sad film’ anthem, and Lulic will no doubt capture your heart with his gruff, quintessentially British vocals and modest guitar melodies. His accent and husky voice shine through to really give the song an original feel and a style that is individual to him.

The most impressive part

What I really love about this guy can be found written in the sleeve of his EP. It reads: “written and performed by Antonio Lulic.” While there were obviously collaborators involved in the making of the EP, finding an artist who single-handedly writes and performs songs as good as these is very rare nowadays (for example, it took five people to write Miley Cyrus’ hit Wrecking Ball!). This is most definitely a talent that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Unfortunately Lulic currently has no upcoming live dates, but with his track record and love of touring, I’m sure it won’t be long before you can see him perform at a venue near you!

What do you think of Antonio Lulic’s music? Have you seen him perform live? Let us know in the comments below!