Looking good in sports wear

kettle mag, gemma hirst
Written by GemmHirst

Deciding to take up the sport of cycling and going to the gym, I had been wearing jogger bottoms, baggy t-shirts with the classic thermals, florescent jacket and of course a bike helmet.   After taking a cycling selfie I realised what a state I was in, fashion wise I was not looking cool in my what I call cycling gear. And I think I was the laughing stock of the gym when I came in to work out in my wacky workout attire.

So for all you sporty fashion conscious Kettle readers, I thought I would save you the problem and advise you on what to wear whilst going to a sporting activity.

Appropriate and comfortable

When you are going to exercise, it is important that what you wear is appropriate and comfortable, but you really don’t want to be the laughing stock of the gym.

Leggings are always the way forward, no matter what the activity. I love the Fat Face, Active 88 sports range running leggings.

They are high waisted and have zips on the sides so it means you can get them over your running trainers without any hassle.  Although not great for running on a treadmill, they are perfect for going outside on those colder running days. For leggings to wear at the gym, I would go for the Capri ones that are quarter lengths and are just the right style for a serious gym work out.

With a funky print down the side, they even have a little pocket to pop your locker key in or to clip your ipod mini in for when you want to pump up the volume as well as those muscles. 

                                                Adidas shock absorbant bra

Comfort is really important when you are working out, cycling or playing a sport. I have found it really hard to look for a really good supportive sports bra. I recommend a crop top or something like a shock absorbent bra from Adidas. They are designed especially for support in sports. They come in a range of colours so you can mix and match with your sporting attire.

Talking of which, you can’t go wrong with tops for working out. There are so many choices- vest tops, crop tops, t-shirts or polo shirts. Obviously it is dependent on what sport you are participating in, but if you are going to the gym you want something breathable and loose.

Vest tops are lightweight, colourful and really soft which means you won’t feel irritated when you are getting all hot and sweat.  Choosing something colourful and vibrant will perk up your day and make working out all worth it.

                                                              Adidas cycling jacket

If you are a cycling gal, then I would go with something a bit warmer than a vest top. Maybe a jersey or cycling jacket?

You want something that is snug and breathable. When cycling at a fast paced it is important to have something that is not going to get in your way and will adapt to the climate that you are cycling in. The Adidas cycling jerseys have a zip pocket at the back which means you can put your essentials in there too, which is a handy little feature.  When cycling, my follower cyclers are cohesive in colours, so if you do go for a jersey, go for a jacket that matches just to give you that extra sporting je ne sais quoi. 

Whatever you wear,  make sure you look and feel good about yourself. It’s no use looking like a couch potato.