American Apparel: A statement we can agree on

So often criticised, and rightly so, for over sexualising their ad campaigns, American Apparel have finally done something we can agree with.

So often criticised, and rightly so, for over sexualising their ad campaigns, American Apparel have finally done something we can agree with. Fixing merkins (or pubic hair wigs, for those not in the know) to their lingerie mannequins, the store is attempting to ‘spark up curiosity and conversation about what we deem beautiful and sexy.’

With society all too keen to tell women they must be totally hairless, save for their head, this New York window display is getting people talking for all the right reasons.

In a recent survey it was revealed 51 per cent of women don’t groom their public hair, preferring to go natural. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have also spoken about their acceptance of their lady gardens, with Paltrow claiming she ‘rocks a 70s vibe down there.’ 

So if this many women, celebrities included, are shunning the waxer, why is American Apparel’s recent window display such a big deal?

Mannequins: Good role models?

Since the invention of the bikini in the 1960s it has been much more commonplace to remove any unsightly hair that may make an appearance. But this trend has only grown in popularity in recent decades, and now to even have a ‘landing strip’ can be seen as taboo.

It has been reported girls as young as 10 are having waxes to stunt growth so they don’t have to suffer when they reach puberty. American Apparel is saying what we should all be saying—pubic hair is not a bad thing. We shouldn’t be teaching girls that their natural body is wrong or shameful in anyway.

Arguably, this trend for the bald vagina is being kept alive by the porn industry. With every girl on camera completely hairless, it has become the norm for everyone, porn star or not. Stupid really, when the only reason these girls are waxed to within an inch of their life is so the camera can see all the graphic details.

Twitter users have come out in force over this issue. Splitting almost completely down the middle, some hate it while others think it’s a brilliant step forward for feminism and body choice and acceptance.  




After all, that is really what it comes down to—personal choice. I think we can all agree that we should not be spreading the message that natural body hair is disgusting or unhygienic in anyway (despite what the ads may tell us) but we shouldn’t be chastising anyone for their own grooming habits. If you want to go au natural and rock a full bush, do it and don’t let the twitter trolls tell you wrong.

These mannequins are doing their job—looking fabulous in their rather interesting sheer lingerie and sparking a debate that shouldn’t really need to be debated in 2014. A woman, just like these mannequins can look beautiful, stylish and full of confidence with or without a full bush.

Rock your own style with confidence, whether you channel the 70s, go totally bare, or even, to hell with, get a funky pattern waxed into your pubes. It’s your vagina after all!

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