Album Review: Death Of A Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco

After a long three years of waiting, everyone’s favourite Las Vegas rockers Panic! At The Disco are back with their fifth studio album Death of a Bachelor. It’s hard to believe that it’s a little over ten years ago that the band first burst onto the scene with their debut album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, but they’re back and haven’t lost any impact at all.

‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ and ‘Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off’, were two massive songs that brought Panic! At The Disco into everyone’s lives with a bang. The punchy riffs and shout-along pop-rock lyrics combined with undeniable creativity brought something new and fresh to the music landscape when pop was ruling. In 2016 and with a new album, the band have not lost this at all. Whilst not having lost any of this 2005 vibe it all still feels current and brand new.

Each track has something different

The album kicks off with single ‘Victorious’. When it first begins there is a definite Charlie XCX vibe with the school chant, this does continue throughout with the mixture of electro-pop sounds and rockier guitar riffs. Instantly, the album has that distinctive Panic! sound but also feels like it has been updated a little and really reflects the electro-pop sound present in the charts today.


Overall the album does feel a little hard to define genre-wise, but this is not a bad thing whatsoever. Each track has something different to it, whilst still managing to fit together and be everything that the band are known for.

Title track ‘Death of a Bachelor’, for example, has a slightly jazzy pop-soul feel to it both musically and vocally. Funky is the best word to describe it. The distinctive vocal sound of Brendon Urie is unmistakable and manages to bring something different yet familiar to each song and genre style.

Vintage Panic! At The Disco

‘Crazy=Genius’ feels like it could be taken straight from the Burlesque soundtrack whilst ‘Golden Days’ is pure rock delight. ‘Impossible Year’ is almost a rock ballad, but not in the cheesy 80s power ballad way, though we all know we love them not so secretly.

The first single from Death of a Bachelor, ‘Hallelujah’, stands out as one of the best tracks on the album alongside the track that follows it, ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’. Both tracks pack a punch and really feel like vintage Panic! At The Disco. ‘Hallelujah’ instantly has that sing-along feel, not so much in a stadium anthemic feel but as the kind of song you could stick on and have a great time to in your bedroom. It’s pure joy. ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, on the other hand, kicks off with something you’d expect from the likes of Jay Z, but really gets into those rock sounds we all know and love Panic! At The Disco for.


Without a doubt, Panic! At The Disco are back and are sounding as great as ever. Death of a Bachelor is the triumphant new album that we’ve been waiting for and haven’t missed at all. Their live shows are sure to be full of endless hits, and these new songs will transfer just as well and delight audiences all over.

Are you a Panic! fan? What do you think of the new album? Let us know in the comments below!