Artist of the Week: Jordan Herbert

Northampton artist, Jordan Herbert, has come a long way since singing at weddings and now in the New Year of 2016 his music career is on the rise.

Jordan Herbert

It all started in 2011, when Jordan and his producer/guitarist, Harley-Joe “Harlz” Arnold, worked on a demo for a wedding that he was going to perform at. They released the demo of swing tracks online and got a positive reaction. This only helped to inspire Herbert’s career in music. So he and Harlz spent an evening creating songs and later released ‘Past Life’.

Quite a smooth, hip-hop track, Jordan Herbert and his producer wanted to try this music thing out, and really concentrated on writing songs and making music in the years to come.  

Since his ‘Past Life’ days, Jordan Herbert has really developed as an artist and has found his identity in music. Now in 2016, his new EP, Roots, is coming out soon. Roots is more raw – think acoustic/pop. There are still little flirts of hip-hop in there, but I love the route that he has gone down with his new music.


Roots is very personal, as Jordan said:

“The best way to describe “Roots” is about different stages in life, which everyone goes through. Whether it is relationships, loss or happiness, it’s also about remembering where you come from. And all though you can have many changes in your life, you’ll always have that one place to go back to which you can call home.”

But don’t worry, it’s not all me, me, and me, oh no, Roots is very reliable to you lot, my dear Kettle readers, as Jordan added:

Even though me and Harls wrote “Roots” from personal experiences, I hope the songs are something that everyone could relate to, each songs tells a different story.”

Jordan Herbert grew up with music from the Rat Pack, who remain his musical influence due to their dynamic vocals and the way they project their voices. It’s something Herbert is working on as he develops his voice. Though he is also partial to Paolo Nutini and a bit of Jason Mraz.

Jordan has had a blast making his EP, telling us:

“It was the best experience I have ever had when making a record. This EP is a whole new sound for me and every part of it has been a massive learning curve”.

He is hoping to do a tour of his tracks and get his music heard in as many places as possible, reaching wider audiences. He also wants to continue to better himself as an artist and a performer.

The EP, Roots, will be released on February 28th with the single coming out at the end of January.

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