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5 ways to add a personal touch to gifts

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Expressing appreciation, gratitude, or even love can be tricky, especially if you’re not good at articulating your feelings. The good news is that there are many different ways you can reveal these emotions. One of these ways is to give gifts, but you might have trouble, especially if you’re not sure about what to get.  

Gift shopping is all about thinking of the other person. It gives you a chance to see how well you know details about them, such as their likes and dislikes. So, you can imagine how stressful it is if you have to get a gift for someone you barely know. But, there’s always an easy way to go about it, like asking their friends about their interests or simply getting something generally liked.

But, the problem with getting them something that’s generally liked is that it’s obvious you haven’t put in the effort of thinking about them. You probably know how it feels to give a gift like that; it isn’t exciting nor memorable. Everyone wants to be thought about, especially when it comes to special days like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and even Valentine’s Day.

To go the extra mile, there are several things you can do to be creative or thoughtful when giving out gifts for all sorts of people. The key is to add a personal touch, and there are many easy ways to do that. Here are some:

  1. Go For Presentation 

Giving a gift inside a brown paper bag just doesn’t scream special and well-thought-out, does it? The way you wrap up and present a gift can show how much care you put into it. Make sure you use a proper box, pouch, or bag, like the ones you can find on sites like Then wrap them up and decorate in a way that can get your recipient excited.  

  1. Be Creative 

If you have some artistic skills, you should try your hand at crafting. There are many things you can make with tutorials you can find online. But, it’s best to go for something easy to make, especially if you haven’t tried making something before. Homemade gifts are special because they’re unique and show just how much effort you put into them. Sewing, knitting, or simply making a collage are some of the simpler things you can do. You can also try your hand at making soap or even candles. But, have a bit of practice first to complete a final product that’s perfect for a present.  

  1. Look Into Personalized Items 

Realistically speaking, not everyone has the time, patience, or even skills to make things from scratch. Even if you try, it isn’t guaranteed that it’ll turn out good enough to be given as a gift. If so, getting personalized items will be just as good. There are many artists and companies out there who can make exceptional products that can be given as gifts. There are printed mugs, bedding, clothing, and even jewelry that can be made specially for your recipient. An online trip can open up a whirlwind of beautifully handmade items that are ready to be gifted. Just pay the artists the right amount for their hard work.

  1. Gifts Don’t Have to Be Material Things 

For people close to you, getting them material gifts isn’t the only thing you can do. Doing something special for your family, friends, or spouse can be just as wonderful. Making them breakfast, a good massage, or even doing the week’s laundry would be a fantastic gesture.  

  1. Put Together A Gift Basket 

If you can’t pick just one thing to give, you can plan out a gift basket. Fill it up with several items such as their favorite snacks, a cute pair of socks, accessories, beauty products, or anything else you have in mind. But, remember the first tip because gift baskets have to be presented well. Organize the items properly, add some colourful tissue paper, tie a ribbon across it, and add a handwritten note just to make it more meaningful. 


Giving a gift is great. It shows a lot about how much you thought of your recipient. Keep presentation in mind, as well as other gift options that you have. It doesn’t always have to be a luxury item; there are always more affordable and meaningful options around you. Spend some time thinking about your recipients, ask their friends, and have a conversation with them to get a feel about what you think they’ll want as a gift.