5 reasons you should be listening to The Big Moon

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Written by EmilyC

Bored of every song in your iTunes library and looking for a new band to get into before next year’s festival season kicks off?

Four-piece alt-group The Big Moon are an infectious band on everyone’s Ticketmaster wishlists right now, and for good reason. The band have released some brilliantly catchy singles and manage to capture the perfect balance between moshpit-inducing and dancing-alone-in-your-room fun.

The all-female rock band are on the precipice of becoming incredibly well-known, so look no further if you’re looking for a brand new favourite.

Here are five reasons why you should hit Spotify and start listening to The Big Moon right now.

1) They’re ridiculously fun live

Their energetic sell-out November show at London’s Scala saw hundreds of people don glitter and power-sing along to every song, even if they were just guessing the words.

There’s something unique about their lyrics (a sample line: "pineapple juice, tropical Rubicon courage") that gets them firmly stuck in your head, and along with their upbeat guitar beats, it’s almost impossible not to dance along.

I had been waiting months to scream along to 'Silent Movie Susie' at their Scala show, but I brought along a friend who had never heard them before and by the end even she had been drawn in by the lively crowd.

2) They’re blowing up right now

As well as embarking on worldwide tours and performing at festivals across the UK, NME and DIY Magazine have already endorsed them, as have other musicians, so The Big Moon are likely to blow up any day now.

What more of an excuse to you need to plug in your headphones and get listening so you can enjoy them live before tickets start selling out completely?

3) They’ll be touring the UK very soon

The band have just finished up a headline tour of the UK before heading out to break America over the coming months… But they’ll be back in 2017 with a show in Leeds, and will doubtless be playing the UK festival circuit next year.

Just make sure to bag your tickets in advance as they’re likely to sell quite quickly!

4) They do an awesome cover of Madonna’s 'Beautiful Stranger'

Think all of the catchy danceability of Madonna with an alternative, atmospheric edge and you’ve got it.

Lead singer Juliette Jackson’s silky smooth vocals are enough to make me love almost any song they choose to make a version of, but 'Beautiful Stranger' is a particularly good cover, like 90s girl pop’s older, cooler sister.

5) Their videos are works of colourful, geeky art

From school gyms to Barbie dolls shagging, to being pelted with paint and glitter, The Big Moon’s music videos capture their fun, quirky essence.

If you’ve never given the band a listen before, make sure to check them out by watching their music videos and you definitely won’t forget them in a hurry!

…And as a small, final bonus reason to get into The Big Moon this year, some of their merchandise T-shirts glow in the dark. Seriously.

You can catch them on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or at a live show, just make sure not to miss them before they hit the big time.